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best heroes for beginner in mobile legends

Are you the newbie of the Mobile Legends game and you get confused which best heroes for beginner that right to be played? I will give you the choices and you can take it as the one of hero that you can play in Mobile Legends. The Moonton as the Mobile Legends game lover has several best heroes which really easy to learn for the beginner or the newbie. Besides that, the hero for the newbie of Mobile Legends game has the power and high skill. Over this time, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game has 41 heroes from the 6 different roles. From the every hero, they will have the advantage and the disadvantage. So let’s me show you what 10 best heroes for beginner in mobile legends.

10 Best Heroes For Beginner in Mobile Legends

Actually understand hero for a beginner is one beginner tips that you have to learn before you start to play Mobile Legends. Because If we know about it we will play easily and we may will be victory. Visit here to know more about best beginner tips in Mobile Legends. In this great chance, I will give you several recommendation heroes in Mobile Legends Especially for you as the beginner or the newbie which is just start playing Mobile Legends. Here are the list of best heroes for beginner in mobile legends :

1. Miya

The first recommendation Mobile legends beginner hero is Miya. The hero of Mobile Legends with the Marksman Role type has passive skill that is the speed attack addition for about 5 present for 4 seconds and accumulated 8 times. Miya has 3 skills that can be used:

1. Rain of Arrows

2. Fission Shot

3. Turbo Stealth

Miya’s combo skill that often to used is 2-1-3-1. Check detail the guide of Miya hero to know how to play, build, and her skill.

2. Layla

The second recommendation best heroes for beginner in mobile legends is Layla. Layla as the one of marksman role type that owned by the player. This hero has the passive attack skill from far direction than other marksman heroLayla has 3 skills that can be used based on the guide of layla:

1. Void Projectile

2. Malefic Bomb

3. Destruction Rush

Generally, the combo skill that often to use on Layla hero is 2-1-3

3. Saber

mobile legends beginner hero

The third mobile legends beginner hero that easy to be played are goes to Saber. Saber playing as the Assassin Hero Role that purpose to kill the enemy on the last blood. The passive skill of Saber is increasing 5 enemies armor on the every attack which is succeed and accumulated until 10 times (50 armor). Saber has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Charge

2. Flying Sword

3. Tripple Sweep

Generally, the combo skill of Saber that often to used is 3-1-2. Read the complete guide of Saber hero.

4. Tigreal

best heroes for beginner in mobile legends

The forth hero for the beginner Mobile Legends is Tigreal. Tigreal played as the Tank Hero Role. Tigreal is include as the hero in Mobile Legends. As the Tank, Tigreal has the passive skill to increase the armor which is can stand from the physical attack or the magic in 5 times. Tigreal has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Sacred Hammer

2. Attack Wave

3. Implosion

Generally, the combo skill of Tigreal that often to used is 3-2-1. But as the insight, part of gamers often use the Spell Flicker before start using the attack tigreal combo. Come to the guide of Tigreal.

5. Yun Zhao

best heroes for beginner in mobile legends

The fifth recommendation for beginner in ML are goes to Yun Zhao. In the Mobile Legends game, Yun Zhao can be as the Fighter or as the Assassin. Zhao has the combo skill with the damage 1.8 times in 6 seconds. Yun Zhao has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Spear Strike

2. Spear Flip

3. Supreme Warrior

Generally, the combo skill of Yun Zhao thet often to used is 3-2-1. See the guide of Yun Zhao.

6. Nana

best heroes for beginner in mobile legends

The sixth hero of best heroes is Nana. In Mobile Legends game, Nana play as the Support with the Mage type. Nana’s passive skill is increasing the movement speed from 10 % until 20% in 3 seconds when it has been succeed to use one of skill. Nana has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Morph Spell

2. Magic Dart

3. Dragon Cat Summons

Nana’s combo skill that often to used in Mobile Legends is 2-3-1. If you want to know more about Nana hero, the skill, best spell, build item, you can come to the guide of Nana hero in this site.

7. Eudora

Eudora Hero Guide Mobile Legends

The seventh beginner hero in ML is Eudora. Eudora is the Mage heroes type has a big damage with the Superconductor passive skill. You can use this passive skill for increasing the other Eudore skill power. Eudora has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Electric Arrow

2. Forked Lightning

3. Thunderstruck

The combo skill of Eudora that often to used in Mobile Legends is 2-1-3-1. To know more about this hero please come to the guide of Eudora.

8. Bruno

This hero is one of best heroes for beginner in mobile legends is Bruno. You can purchase Bruno with the 15.000 Battle Point (BP) and 399 Point. There are three available skins that is The Protector, Vanguard Elite, and the Best DJ. Bruno movement are so fast and make you can not attack him with the best position with fast attack that really abunden the enemy. If the Bruno Ulti Skill that is the World Wace is spread out, willy nilly the enemy must disband to escape from Bruno’s skill. Bruno has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Flying Tackle

2. Volley shot

3. World Wave

9. Balmond

Balmond Hero Guide Mobile Legends

One of the powerful hero and stand along that can be as the fighter or the tank in Mobile Legends is Balmond. The Balmond ultimate skill is Lethal Counter was really deadly, he hit was really make the big true damage when the enemy was dying. Balmond has 3 skill that can be used:

1. Cyclone Sweep

2. Soul Lock

3. Lethal Counter

If you want to know more about Bamond hero completely, you can go to the article of Balmond hero guide. You can learn more about the skill, and the build item and more.

10. Estes

Estes Hero Guide Mobile Legends

This hero that really easy if you use this mobile legends hero for beginner is Estes. Estes is the support hero that having the special skill that is healing himself and his friends immediately and massive. The Estes role in Mobile Legends game is as the Support. Here you could help your friends by healing or full their blood. Estes has 3 skills that can be used:

1. Domain of Moon Goddess

2. Moonlight Immersion

3. Blessing of Moon Goddess

The Estes Combo skill that often used in Mobile Legends is:

  • Blessing of Moon Goddess – Moonlight Immersion – Domain of Moon Goddess (3-1-2)
  • Domain of Moon Goddess – Blessing of Moon Goddess – Moonlight Immersion (2-3-1)

To know more about Estes hero, you can visit the guide of Estes hero so that you can know more about the build item, also the skill of this hero and more.

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10 Kinds of Best Hero Mobile Legends 2019

In playing Mobile Legend, it is of course for the players to do to win the match. It can be a Classic or Ranked Match. You can do it by using the best hero Mobile Legends that is picked by the enemy. In this following information, you will find the list of Mobile Legends top heroes 2019. There are ten kinds of heroes that you can use to kill the hero of the enemy. Let’s check them out!

In Mobile Legends game, the players have to know ten kinds of best heroes ML 2019. What are they? Here are available for you.

1. Johnson

It is one of the META heroes in season 11 that become a hero top pick. This tank has hit many players hundreds of times. Moreover, most of the heroes that are hit are heroes with small health like Mage, Marksman, and Fighter.

2. Chou

It is a hero fighter that is very awful and worse. It happened because it has been reworked and equipped with the Fighter item like the endless battle and Blade of Despair. If you have a lot of money you can buy this hero, cos this hero is one of best hero to buy in Mobile legends.

3. Karrie

Karrie Hero guide

This Mobile Legends best hero has two tanks which are Grock and Johnson, or Franco and Minotaur, and others. This hero will include to the most pick hero in this season 11. Then, it also has a passive skill which if it is active, can give damage.

4. Franco

This kind of heroes will be a success to hit the Hook and steal the hero of the enemy. It may happen to the tower and also to other hero groups. Furthermore, it has an ultimate that can use to hold the enemy and crowd control that is long enough.

5. Harith

How about this one? Skill 2 from Harith can be used to make the shield and give damage. Moreover, if it is combined with his ultimate, he will not die when he is Ganked. Even, he will kill his enemy.

6. Grock

You need to know that the great hero can brick up that is irritating enough. Besides, it also has an ability of skill 1 that can give high damage. In the early game, he is included in terrible enemy and even it can kill almost all heroes in Mobile Legends.

7. Aldous

Aldous is also classified into the most pick hero in this season 11. When you see longer and longer the match that is running, he will get hurt. If you allow it is farming, his damage will be more serious.

8. Selena

By using this kind of hero, the shot of skill 2, Lele, that is difficult to hit, it will increase significantly. You need to know that Selena can shot the enemy that is hiding or even not seen. Greatly, this hero has very high burst damage so that it can kill the enemy easily.

9. Lunox

What about with this best hero Mobile Legends? It is the second alternate of hero mage that is banned up which is Harith and Kimmy. If you can use this hero well, he can kill any hero easily. Furthermore, he also has the skill ability of Light that can immune all damages.

10. Kimmy

The last hero has an attack speed that is so fast that makes the enemy is killed. If you use this hero that is combined well, he can kill almost all enemies in the late game and early game.

Those are the best hero Mobile Legends that become the top pick in this game. Thus, just use those heroes appropriately when you play Mobile Legends.


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