Lunox Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Build Items, Skills, Tips

Lunox Hero Guide

Lunox hero guide in Mobile Legends today is very useful for the beginner players. It will help them to simplify the game of this hero mage which often confuse them. Behind the complicated game, this character has some uniqueness. It is such as the appearance that only emerges in advance server at the end of season 8. Lunox as well has mainstay 4 skills, dark mode, and light mode. That is why the player often calls as the multiple personality hero. Find more tips from this guide Lunox Mobile Legends to fight the hero opponents.

Lunox Hero Guide in Mobile Legends: Build Items and Skills

Fanny, Harley, and Hayabusa are the strong enemies of Lunox. Fortunately, this hero plays well with Grock, Jawhead, and Johnson. Nonetheless, Lunox must be careful when fighting Gusion, Helcurt, and Saber. Although it has some support heroes, play this character need a good guide. The Lunox guide at this time will explain the build items and the skill which the player needs to fight. Well, let’s reveal the Lunox build items, emblem, spell, and the skill one by one.

Build Items of Lunox

Lunox shows 6 build items such as below:

1. Enchanted Talisman

It provides a big Mana Regent, Magic Power, and the Cooldown Reduction. The item has a passive skill to magic penetration and defense.

2. Ice Queen Wand

The Ice Queen Wand makes its opponents get a slow effect because the skill that has a little bit a Vamp-spell. Apparently, the skill 2 especially the darkening ultimate greats to get the buff.

3. Rapid Boots

Lunox is the often roaming hero and the Rapid Boots is very good for him. This build Lunox Mobile legend eases to gank the other lane enemies.

4. Blood Wings

It makes the hero able to long-lasting in war and has a big HP.

5. Glowing Wand

The Glowing Wand has a big power to fight the opponents that has some additional HP items. As the example is the Tank heroes.

6. Winter Truncheon

The role is very useful when Lunox is an emergency condition or the Ultimate Brilliance is cooling down. Also, the Winter Truncheon makes Lunox immune for a moment ago.

Next, Lunox tutorial, build, tips, and trick Mobile Legends need emblems and spells. The better emblem to use is the Custom Mage with Flow and Catastrophe. Meanwhile, Lunox has two mainstay spells is that Flicker and Retribution. Most players recommend using the Flicker first because it saves his soul in the emergency condition. Retribution conveniences the lane and faster to get the buff from the jungle.

4 Lunox Skills + Passive Skill

Lunox Hero itself has 4 skills such as the following:

1. Skill 1 (Starlight Pulse)

Produce ray balls to damage all opponents around and restore HP after it comes back.

2. Skill 2 (Chaos Assault)

Chaos Assault makes Lunox stronger to fight Tank hero with attack one target in the current area. Apparently, skill 1 and 2 are the main power of Lunox to determine the Passive skill.

3. Skill 3 (Cosmic Fission)

It releases wave energy ahead until in far distance. This skill results in big damage and slows down the enemy.

4. Skill 4 (Power of Order & Chaos)

Lunox here has two sides is that the Power of Order and the second is Chaos.

5. Passive Skill (Dreamland Twist)

The passive skill on Lunox only has Cooldown retribution from the skill. Even though, the effect will change the additional attribute according to the Twilight.

Tips for Build Item and How to Play

Lunox Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

After knowing the build items and skill, of course, it times to play. However, you should know 4 tips to build Lunox item first:

  • Besides those items above, you can use CDR to get the dark mode (Magic Penetration) and light mode (Magic Retention)
  • Buy Enchanted Charm to save energy when using skill 2 and changing mode.
  • Use the Rapid Boots to move fast and Ice Queen Wand for the slow effect when launching DPS with skill 2.
  • Lunox is the flexible hero so that you can combine or make own items.

Eventually, you will really play so follow the tutorial hero Lunox below:

  • Early game

Here, you only need to focus on the leveling until getting the skill ultimate. The skill can finish your opponents on lane quickly.

  • Mid game

Beware toward the intelligence enemy which will chase you. Join your team to avoid them and take aim the most dangerous opponent

  • Late game

Keep being careful primarily toward the enemy with Crowd Control skill. Use skill 4 to overcome and win the game.

Now, your turns to understand and practice Lunox hero guide in Mobile Legends. Let’s play and bring your victory!