Baxia Hero Guide in Mobile Legends 2020 to play smartly and Fun

Who is Baxia’s hero in Mobile Legends? He is a new hero tank that released in October, last year. Roughly, what makes it special to review than the other hero tanks? Follow the journey of the Baxia hero guide today and then you will realize one thing. Baxia has a unique skill and the hunter skills that all gamers must try. Learn more and get a lot of Baxia hero tips and tricks before playing. Focus on your mind here to deep the skill and everything.

Baxia Hero Guide on the Best Emblems, Equipment, and Spells

There are three main topics to discuss in this section. Baxia’s hero guide today carries on the best emblems, equipment, and spells. The best emblem of Baxia is mage where the build item adjusts to build the mage type. However, it does not matter to use the tank emblem or combine both to get the pleasure of the experiment. On the other hand, the best equipment for this hero tank consists of several types:

• Equipment of build item in type tank

The first type pertains to the type thank build item that has a magic effect. Several builds items can show the character of Baxia as the pure tank hero. By the way, the build items consist of blade armor, rapid boots, dominance ice, demon’s advents, and immortality. Once more, it relies on the wings of the apocalypse queen to build the item.

• Attack type

Secondly, the best equipment of the build items relate to the attack type for getting defense effects and the balanced damage. It consists of the warrior boots, demon’s advents, corrosion scythe, twilight armor, cursed helmet, and sky guardian helmet.

• Magic item type

Lastly, the build items have a magic effect to use such as the demon shoes, fleeting time, and lightning truncheon. Besides that, you can utilize other build items of the blood wings, concentrated energy, and divine glaive.

Okay, those are the build items to use and become the best equipment for this hero tank. On the other hand, the Baxia hero guide adds about the best spells to support this hero. Due to Baxia is the hunter skill, you should use the role of the mage. Odette and Lunox can encounter it.

Skills, Tips, and Tricks of Baxia Hero Tank

It is never complete without talking about the three skills of Baxia on this page. These are three skills to use in the fighting:

  1. Shield Unity
  2. Shield of Sprint
  3. Tortoise Puissance

Let’s jump on the tips and tricks from the Baxia hero guide right now. Check these tips and tricks below:

• Jump to the next obstacles using your first skill (shield unity). Use it to intercept your enemy and protect your allies.

• If the first skill does not work you may utilize a shadow mask or courage mask. The courage mask can increase your movement speed.

• Use Azure blade on your skill 2 to get additional damage every 1.5 seconds. You may use skill 2 from the basic attack until the item passive works many times.

Hopefully, you can utilize all the information here properly both before and after purchasing. Baxia hero guide today is incomplete yet but it works. This page will make it better next time with some information. Now, you can rely on this guide while exploring your skill, emblems, items, and so on. Everyone may know this reference so it is your duty share on your social media. Let this knowledge flow everywhere and meet the gamers who need it. On the other hand, you may contribute your insight if you know more than this page. Quite leave your message in the comment and all people can read it. Thank you for reading. Have a nice play game!