7 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends – Who’s Your Favorite mage hero

Best Mage Heroes

Are you one of the mobile legends’ lovers? If the answer is true, it is of course for you to play this game well and can win it, right? One of the ways is using the mage heroes in mobile legends. In this following information, you will find and know the best mage heroes in Mobile Legends. So, here is the Mobile Legends mage list for you.

7 Great Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

Based on the best mage heroes in Mobile Legends, there are top seven mage heroes that you can use in this game. What are they? Here are available for you, mobile legends lovers.

1. Kagura

The first list of best mage hero in Mobile Legends 2019 is Kagura. This kind of mage hero is less desirable in many players. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this hero may be a bit difficult to play. However, since getting buff, it becomes more powerful and can make his opponent panicked. Then, his umbrella’s movement is annoying to make his opponent confused to guess the movement. Greatly, Kagura has the potential to become a monster who can master the battle.

2. Cyclops

The second best mage hero is named Cyclops. In fact, he has a skill that is quite easy to play. Then, in order to attack the nearest opponent, he can use Planet Attack to increase the movement speed. It can be used to escape the opponent. Furthermore, his ultimate skill, Star Power Lockdown, makes the opponent immobilized with a small planet that is created.

3. Odette

Odette is still a mage mainstay of some mage users even though it has a smaller range of attacks. Besides, he is worth the beware because it has very large damage. Why can it be like that? The reason is that he only gets reduced ultimate range skills. Then, the range of his ultimate skill is too wide. It makes him able to kill the opponent from a considerable distance. Thus, he can replace Marksman in order to keep the turret or soldier in the center.

4. Zhask

You need to know that Zhack is the latest Mage hero released before Fasha. Uniquely, this kind of mage hero is the only one that has four active skills and one passive skill. For the active skills, they are Mage Supporter, Spawn Nightmaric, Dopplenganger of Insect, and Dominator Befall.

5. Harley

The next kind of mage hero is named Harley. Greatly, it is classified into the strongest mage in Mobile Legends 2019. He often categorized the tire list of the players at the top level. Then, he will run off using Space Escape skills when he pursued. In addition, when the opponent is exposed to a fire circle, what will happen? When the circle explodes, the damage will become so large. Then, you need also know that Poker Trick Skill makes this mage hero throw three up to four poker cards in three directions.

6. Gord

In this case, you are suggested to thanks to his Mystic Projectile which can bounce. It happens when it does not hit anything three times before exploding. Thus, he can unleash a stunning effect from a great distance. Gord will be very deadly when it is combined with crowd control heroes such as Gatotkaca, Minotaur, or Johnson. It is like that in order not to mention the changes in passive skills. Moreover, they make him able to create true damage based on his magic damage.

7. Valir

The last kind of best mage in ML 2019 is Valir. In this mage hero, you have to know that Valir is increasingly showing his potential lately. Greatly, he has skills with large areas and even high damage. Thus, he is classified into the perfect one for a team fight. Besides, he is also very flexible and you are able to combine him with various heroes to land his skills easily. They can be Gatotkaca, Hylos, or Johnson. Furthermore, Valir will be very deadly and very difficult to approach when you can position him well.

Those are the seven best mage heroes in Mobile Legends that you can know. For the players of mobile legends, you can use those mage heroes for your playing. Thus, you can play it well and even can win the game.