Miya Hero Guide Mobile Legends – The Pretty Archers

Even actually there are so many strong Marksman heroes such as Layla, the Moskov, the Clint, the Yi Sun-Shin, Miya, and Bruni , but Miya hero are still the best one Marksman hero on Mobile Legends. The simple way of Miya hero to play make this heroes are played on every level. Of course, completed with the right item, the gamer could kill all the enemies hero on a second. So that, needs much more farming in order that the player unbeatable on the Mid-Late Game. To optimize the usage of Miya on the Match Up or even Ranked game, there are a lot of build item for Miya hero on Mobile Legends. Let’s check this Miya hero guide mobile legends below:

Miya Hero Guide Mobile Legends – The Pretty Archers Who Are Easier To Savage

The Skills Of Miya Hero On Mobile Legends

Miya is one of Marksman hero which sell with a cheap price. That’s only with 10.800 Battle Points or 399 Tickets, many gamer likes Miya because she has big damage with a high enough attack speed. Miya hero has many kinds of skin that you can use, those are the skin of Miya in Miya hero guide Mobile Legends :

  • The Moonlight Archer
  • The Queen of Banshees (Elite)
  • The Christmas Cheer (Epic)
  • The Captain Thorms (Starlight)
  • The Honor (Smartphone)
  • The Modena Butterfly (Legend)

1. The Passive Skill of Miya: Turbo

When she attacks with the basic attack, her speed attack will increase up to 5% for 4 seconds. It can be stacked for 8 times.

2. The Skill 1 of Miya: The Fission Shot

  • Cooldown: 11.0
  • Mana cost: 80

This skill will make the Miya’s arrows are split into 2 part and can attack 2 targets at once. this skill will increase up to 30% basic damage for 4 seconds.

3. The Skill 2 of Miya: The Rain of Arrows

  • Cooldown: 11.0
  • Mana Cost: 80

Showering some area with the certain arrows. When the enemy gets entrance to that area, it will decrease their movement speed. If they exposed 4 with the arrows 4 times, the enemy will get the stun on a second.

4. The Ultimate Skill 3 of Miya: the Turbo Stealh

  • Cooldown: 38.0
  • Mana Cost: 12.0

Removing all the negative effect and makes the invisible hero on a second. Increase the attack speed up to 35% for 6 seconds and increase your movement speed and your close friends up to 45% for 2.5 seconds.

The Superiority And The Weakness Of Miya Hero

– The Superiority

  • Has the faster attack speed on her passive skill.
  • The ultimate skill can be used for chasing, fight, and escape.
  • Contribute on the fight in each team with the AoE effect.

– The Weakness

  • Miya hero was so easy to be killed at the first time and still getting weak on a long duration game.
  • When Miya got exposed, Miya could be died.

The Build Item Of Miya Hero

To build Miya hero you must know the item that you build it. Info Technology will show you the build item of Miya, so keep reading this article of Miya hero guide mobile legends. Check it out:

– The Windtalker (Attack Item)

It gives the attack speed and the movement speed so that the player could be the killing machine and unbeatable. Or you can add the critical for the Passive from the Berserker’s Fury.

– The Haas’s Claws (Attack Item)

It gives the life steal effect which useful when the player face on the enemy. Just because the Health Point (HP) is small, this item is an obligate thing for the player. Completed with the Passive hero, the player will get the big number of life steal and faster.

– The Swift Boots (Movement item)

Increase the movement speed to chase the enemy and add the attack speed. The movement attack additional will kill the enemy.

– The Berseker’s Fury (Attack item)

It increase the critical attack chance , so that the life steal the they will get is bigger.

– The Malefic Roar (Attack item)

it will help on destroying the enemies turret faster. Besides that, the physical penetration will help to face the enemy those who have more defense.

– The Demon Hunter (Sword item)

It will increase the player attack speed better so the player could kill their enemy faster and everywhere. The passive also will give the additional life steal.

How To Play Miya Hero On Mobile Legends

Now, I want to show you how to play or use Miya hero on mobile legends. Keep following the Miya hero guide mobile legends, check below:

1. On the mid- game.

After the player has 2 to 3 main things, the player could begin face the enemy on their own lane or in another lane. Keep control on the Map and visit your friend who were on fight if you can. Don’t ever leave your lane if there is still the enemies hero. Kill them or at least make them keep away from the lane, then try to help the team fight.

2. On the early game.

Before you buy the set Gear, buy the Hunter’s Knife first to help you against the monster on a jungle and get the exp and much more Gold. After the item is full, the player could sell it for getting one more fighter. Take the mid lane and clean up the minion. Don’t fight too fast and keep focusing on farming.

3. On the late game.

Keep contributing on your team fight, but don’t start it first. Let the enemy start it or the other member of your group who start it. Use the ultimate skill offensively if you feel that the enemy hasn’t eyed on the player. If there is the Assassin on the enemies team and he didn’t show off on the enemies group , it’s a big possibility he is eyeing on Miya. Save the ultimate on that event. Don’t forget to use skill 2 to support. Take the enemies buff if you can.

So guys, those are the Miya Hero Guide Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to share this post and please like and follow my fans page so that you can get the update news from Info Technology every time. Good luck and have a nice trying.

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