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I will share about how to root android without PC by Framaroot. You can root android using framaroot without PC or using PC depend on where you download Framaroot. If you download FramaRoot by PC, you must transfer the apk to your phone first but If you download Framaroot by your phone, you don’t need PC. There are many application’s for rooting android now but I think this application is one of best app to root android.

Before using Framaroot, first check your Android, what’s your android phone compatible with this phone. If you sure that your android compatible with this app, let’s begin to root your device. Actually this app is root app that compatible with many android phone. A lot of brand of Android phone compatible with this app so you don’t worry about it. If you need information what your android phone compatible or not, you can come to the official website or go to android forum to ask about this. Here are the steps:

How to Download FramaRoot and Install FramaRoot

FramaRoot is one of root app that easy to use because this app has one click method so you can root your Android phone with one click method. Let’s follow all of steps below to root Android phone with framaroot.

1.  First time please download Framaroot.

2. You can download FramaRoot from your phone directly or you can download using your computer but you must transfer the app to your phone before begin to root your phone.

FramaRoot 1.9.1

FramaRoot 1.9.1

FramaRoot 1.8.1

FramaRoot 1.8.1

3. Then install Framaroot app in your android to begin root android using framaroot.

root android without PC by Framaroot

4. When you are installing you will find like below, you just click Accept and then the installation will be continue.

root android without PC by Framaroot

5. After that you will see Warning again and please click/choose Keep Install.

how to root android without PC by Framaroot 

6. Wait until finish the installation and you will go to FramaRoot

how to root android without PC by Framaroot

How to Root Android Using Framaroot

1. After finish installation, please click Framroot App to begin rooting your android phone. If you already come to the app please choose Install SuperSU.

how to root android without PC by Framaroot

2. After that please select Boromir. Please check picture below :

how to root android without PC by Framaroot

3. And then wait until process of root android using framaroot finish and you will find page like below and click OK. After that your phone will be rebooted.

root android using Framaroot

How to Check Rooted

1. Make sure there is SuperSU app on drawer your phone. If there is SuperSU, it mean’s your phone have been rooted.

Download Framaroot
2. If your phone is not compatible with this app you can try other app such as Kingoroot / Kingoapps or Kingroot. Thanks for read how to root android without PC by Framaroot.

Thanks For Reading !!

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