11 Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends Recommended to Use

Best Assassin Heroes

Mobile legends are one of the tops played mobile games. In this game, the mobile legends players will find many best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. However, it will be shared with only four kinds that are recommended to use. Then, you need to know that the heroes are based on how valuable and strong they are to the team. Besides, it is also for their game when being played. So, don’t wait for a long time to check four best assassin Mobile Legends 2019!

Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends

Here are four best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends that have a great ability to kill the enemy instantly. Let’s check them out.

1. Selena Hero

For this kind of assassin heroes, you should know her because she can change her appearance. Then, she is not only well known but also she is very strong in this mobile legends game. Greatly, she has Abyssal Arrow which its duration is the longest. It is three seconds if it hits the enemy. Besides, she also has an Abyssal Trap. It is able to create very big magic damage when it explodes. For additional information, when she has changed to be Abyssal Form, Selena creates very high damage to the enemy since the first level.

2. Gusion Hero

The second assassin hero is named Gusion. He is well known as an absolute beast and even it becomes the top hero. Because he is an important hero, the players of mobile legends need some time in order to master him. Since he is consistent and can do his job as an assassin very well, he is classified into the best assassin heroes.

3. Fanny Hero

Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends

The next strongest hero in the Assassin role is Fanny. Even she is strong, she also has a quite high difficulty up to 100 points. So if there is an expert who uses Fanny hero, it might them will win the games. In addition, her strength gonna get bigger and more effective when she attacks while she flies with a Steel Cable. If Fanny succeeds lock her target, so that the damage from her skill or even a basic attack will directly expand up to 20%.

4. Karina Hero

The next of strongest assassin hero is Karina Hero. This Assassin Mage Hero functioned to execute the enemy especially dealer damage which has a bloodless than 50%. Anyway, her Shadow Rush includes as her ultimate skill that has a high damage and cooldown instant if she could kill out her enemy and also drop-off cooldown for about 80% if she gets an assist. In other side, her Skill 1, the Elusiveness also support to catch up the enemy or to escape from the game. By using this skill, Karina will be getting invulnerable from the basic attack and also her movement speed will grow up to 35% for 3 seconds.

5. Natalia Hero

Natalia hero is put on the 5rd position. A bit different with Karina hero in a Magic type, this hero is an Assassin hero who relies on the physical skill. She has a passive skills that could make her invisible. When she attacks on invisible mode, her damage will increase up to 35% and also give silence effect to the target for 2 seconds. Generally, her characteristic defined to fight a damage dealer hero as Marksman and Mage hero which have hit points less than she.

6. Lancelot Hero

Best Assassin Heroes

For the next is Lancelot hero. This kind of hero just appeared on Mobile Legends 1.2.22. update version. He has categorizes as the speed attack and he has huge damage on his ultimate skill, namely Phantom Execution. His passive skill also supports to decrease the enemy defense by giving slow down effect and add 20% damage for the next attack.

7. Saber Hero

The seventh position award to Saber hero. In some of the game, this hero role as the hero enemies kidnapper, especially damage dealer likes Marksman and Mage. Saber’s skill 3 that is Tripple Sweep, could kill the enemy’s hero got disable for a moment. So that, the enemy’s hero will couldn’t attack or even escape anymore. Meanwhile, he becomes the one of a hero who often to be used on Ranked Epic – Legend because his skill to lock the other heroes. No doubt, the price of this hero is only for 6500 Battle Points (BP) or for 299 Diamonds.

8. Hayabusa Hero

Hayabusa hero including as a troublesome hero and become a banned trade on tier Epic-Legend. Generally, this here is used to do push tower. When the game was running, Hayabusa on the near lane of Spinner (we called it Blue Buff). This hero has a wasteful mana skill, so that Blue Buff truly needs here. His ultimate skill called Shadow Kill could kill all minions at once and this thing make him could doing push tower or survive in his own tower.

9. Helcurt Hero

This ninth hero is usually called Helcurt. The players usually use him to counter many skill caster heroes like Gusion and Fanny. Then, you need to know that his ultimate is excellent to separate all the enemy heroes. Besides, he also pinpoints the marksman and secure kill. Furthermore, he will kill the players if they do not prepare well and is ready to tap basic attack.

10. Hanzo Hero

The tenth hero is named Hanzo. Even though he is not very strong, but he can do some crazy damage from the backline. Actually, this kind of hero can be a real force when he is playing well and correctly. Then, he is not one of the worst or strongest heroes. However, he can be the best hero when he is with the right player.

11. Zilong Hero

For the very last is the Zilong hero. This Fighter Assassin hero has a unique skill that is kidnap the enemy in front of him. Generally, Zilong hero is used as the initiator or as the opening of the war. His ultimate skill that is Zilong Supreme Warrior could upgrade his movement speed for 30% and his attack speed for 45% in 6 seconds. This hero can so easily destroy a tower then run or escape to some where.

Those are 11 best assassin heroes in mobile legends. That kind of hero is recommended to use when you play mobile legends. If the expert who use them on their games, it absolutely could make them directly win. Goodluck and have a nice trying.