Selena Hero Guide

Hello, the players of mobile legends! Do you know Selena? And, is Selena good Mobile Legends? To know it more, just have great attention to this information. She is a mage assassin hero who is interesting enough. Besides, Selena hero guide in Mobile Legends is a mage who can change form and role also being an assassin. This kind of hero has some superiority and weakness that you should know. It will be shared in this following information.

Superiority and Weakness of Selena Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

When you want to recognize Selena hero guide in Mobile Legends, what should you do? It is better for you to know first the superiority and weakness of this hero. So, just follow this information well.

Selena Hero Guide

Superiorities of Selena Hero Guide

There are four superiorities of the Selena hero guide that you can know. What are they? Here they are.

1. Having a high enough of the mobility

In the Selena Mobile Legends guide, when you use skill 3, it will give you the bonus effect of the movement speed. Besides, you will find that the cooldown is very short. Thus, the players are allowed to spam this skill to trace lane and escape.

2. Having a deadly skill combination

Selena Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Selena has the main strength which is in the combination of the skills of both modes. It is also completed with the skill from the Elven form. Then, you need to know that it gives the Abyssal mark to the enemy. Moreover, if the mobile legends’ players attack using the Abyssal form, the Abyssal mark will create additional damage that is high enough.

3. Classified as a good MPS and DPS

It is like that because she has a semi assassin role which is like burst damage and able to kill the opponent quickly. Besides, she is also included in a very strong hero at the beginning game that is completed with the combined skills. Thus, it is considered as an assassin that dominates the game.

4. Versatile crowd control

You have to know that in mage mode, Selena can install the traps as three pieces using her skill. That skill can give damage and decrease the movement speed of the enemy. Furthermore, when you use two skills this hero can fire attacks that make the opponents stunned.

Weaknesses of Selena Hero Guide

Besides the superiority, there are also a few weaknesses of the Selena hero guide. Four weaknesses are available for you. Here are they.

1. Not difficult to anticipate

Why can it be like that? The reason is that this kind of hero has the attack kind that must be a successive or usually called combo. Thus, the enemy can break the combination easily. To solve this problem, the players have to launch a combination of the skills quickly. Hence, the enemy is not easy to escape.

2. Being less effective against the enemy

Since Selena has mage assassin for the skill kind, it becomes less good. It is because the CC skill cannot hit the opponent of many heroes.

3. Not easy to master

In Selena Mobile Legends build, you should recognize that this hero is not easy to master. Sharing the combination of the attacks is surely difficult. Then, both mage or assassin modes are soft. Hence, if the players’ attack is not appropriate, it will be caught and die directly.

4. Very influence on CC

The main weakness of Selena is crowd control. When the players attack with the assassin or abyssal mode, they are suggested to close to the opponent. Thus, being the target of CC hero will have a higher risk. Don’t forget to be careful when the players attack in the crowded conditions!

Well, those are the superiority and the weakness of Selena hero guide in Mobile Legends. This useful information can be your reference and consideration to use this hero or not.