Yun Zhao Hero Guide in Mobile Legends-The Unbeatable Dragon Child

Yun Zhao Hero Guide, Yun Zhao Hero

The Yun Zhao that well-known as Zilong is the second hero fighter that was so cool. It’s gonna looks form her appearance, such as the warrior dynasty style. With his magic killer spear, he could kill his enemies without any pardon. The Yun Zhao itself inspired from the Samkok. This hero has a great skill for ganking and on a team working. His spear flip skill could throw his enemy to the back while giving the slow effect. That skill what makes the enemy hard to escape and that skill was so good to be combined with the certainly heroes such as the Franco, Nana and the etc. Let’s follow me to know Yun Zhao hero guide in mobile legends more:

Yun Zhao Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

– The Weakness Of Yun Zhao Hero

Well actually , the weakness of Yun Zhao itself isn’t too much, because Yun Zhao has been balanced between the way how he attacks and how he survived. Moreover, Yun Zhao’s skill 3 can help him escape from enemies gank attack, on the other sides, the skill 3 of Yun Zhao also can help to attack. So the conclusion is the player needs to know when is the right time to attack, and when is the right time survive. By the way, the hero that Yun Zhao will be the loss is when Yun Zhao face with the Mage hero likes the Eudora or the Harley.

– The Superiority Of Yun Zhao

The ultimate skill of Yun Zhao hero will be useful if it uses when Yun Zhao is ganking to the enemies team. It just because his ultimate skill gives the buff fro running faster and can not be slow down by the enemy. But one thing that you have to know if you use the ultimate skill is , Yun Zhao hero is still could be disabled with the stun, voodoo, and so many else. So that, you’d be better of take the battle spell purify when you use the Yun Zhao hero, because that spell will be useful when you were ganking or become the initiator.

The Build Item Of Yun Zhao Hero in Mobile Legends

Actually, farming is an important thing for the Yun Zhao but it can be ensured that you don’t let the tower and let your friends on a hard condition. These build items are the most suitable build item for Yun Zhao and will make Yun Zhao become the great Initiator, the ganker, and the carry. The build item of the hero in Yun Zhao hero guide Mobile Legends.

1. The Swift Boots Item

We are all can not imagine how could it be the hero without wearing any boots. This item will increase the run speed up to 40 and the attack speed up to 15%. The attack speed is the most important status of this hero. It’s also because the passive skill means the Dragon Flury will run out if this hero has the attack speed.

2. The Tooth of Greed Item

This is The first item which suitable to be used for a part of hero carry, especially the carry melee. This item could keep the Yun Zhao Health Point (HP) on the safe limit, in order that he can keep ganking on a right condition. The passive skill of Yun Zhao is the Dragon Flurry also work so well with this item and make the Yun Zhao can turn back his Health Point (HP) immediately.

3. The Blade Armor Item

The next of build item in yun zhao hero guide mobile legends is the blade armor item. This is the important defense item for Yun Zhao as the initiator hero. By this item, you will not easier to die just because attacked by the enemies hero carry. Moreover, if you are in late game, where your enemies also getting rich and have a lot of damage item. Because you have the amazing movement speed, so that you’d be better eyeing the hero carry range of the enemy on the war with the enemies team and it sometimes located on the backside line of the enemy. So that, you need the defense item to handle it and the blade armor will handle it.

4. The Blade of Destruction item

The adding damage that many players expect is the one of what Yun Zhao hero have. If it combines with the Passive skill – the Dragon Flurry, yun zhao hero will produce an extraordinary damage. There’s no reason to not buy this item.

5. The Scarlet Phantom item

This item will help to run out the process of passive skill- the Dragon Flury of the Yun Zhao hero. Besides that, the attack speed is an important thing as the carrier and the damager like this hero. It will increase 30 attack points, 40% attack speed and the 10% critical chance.

6. The Malefic Roar item

This item will give the 40% physical penetration and the +60 physical attack. When you’ve got the attack from the turret, so the damage will be blocked for 20%.

7. The Barseker’s Fury Item

This item will increase +65 Physical attack, +25% critical chance, and the 40% critical damage. It was so useful for the Yun Zhao damage.

8. The Blade of Despair item

The last item to increase the Yun Zhao hero damage in order that could attack deeper. Actually, you could change it become the defense item again in order that you are not too easy to die when you do the initiating. If you intend o buy the defense item again, the Demon’s Advent is the most suitable item. This item will increase 130 attack speed points, +25% attack speed, 10% critical chance and the +15% damage.

So guys, those are Yun Zhao hero guide in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will give many benefits. Goodluck and have a nice trying.