Eudora Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Hero With Super Damage

Don’t ever try to underestimate this hero even it was available since you were a noob. The Eudora hero guide in Mobile Legends, this hero I called can give the murdered build item, moreover on the top ranked, it just because the Eudora hero is one of the most difficult hero mage, you will get the lightning strike that can hurt you when you face with the Eudora. Usually, the noob or the beginner of Mobile Legends game will use the Eudora as their hero mage because this is one of hero which is free payment.

Even sometimes, many gamer are underestimate the Eudora and called was so easy to play for the noob. Don’t they know that actually the Eudora have a burst skill with a huge damage. Include her passive skill which giving the addition effect when the enemy exposed by her skill. When the enemy was exposed by the Eudora passive skill, the other skill will give the bigger damage and the longer stun.

Eudora Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The cool down skill which relatively lows also being the strength for the Eudora. She can be doing push lane as she will or attack the enemy in a short time. Here are the skill of this hero in Eudora hero guide in Mobile Legends.

The Guide of Eudora Skill

The Superconductor (Passive Skill)

In this skill gives the Superconductor status to the enemy which is exposed by the Eudora skill. This status will give a bigger effect for the other Eudora skills.

– The Forked Lightning

By using the forked lighting and gives 320 magic damage to the enemies which located on the corner area in front of her. For the enemy those who have the Superconductor status , they will get the reduction for about 25 magic resistance.

  • Cooldown: 8.5
  • Mana Cost: 80
– The Electric Arrow

Attacking one enemy with the lightning strake which give 280 magic damage and the stun status to the enemy during 0,75 seconds. The enemy those who have the Superconductor status will be exposed by the longer adding stun for about 0,75 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 12
  • Mana Cost: 90
– The Thunderstruck Skill

The last skill of eudora hero is the thunderstruck skill in Eudora hero guide mobile legends. Calling the group of the light, the lightning strike gives 400 magic damage to the enemy on that’s area. If the enemy gets to expose the Superconductor status, so that they will get the additional damage for about 15%, but if it only exposing to the only one enemy, they will get the additional damage for about 15%.

The Build Item of The Eudora Hero

1. The Magic Shoes item

The Magic Shoes becoming the suitable item for Eudora hero in Mobile Legends, by the cooldown reduction, this hero could run out the every skill faster. This shoes could be the first choice to chase the enemy and also to give a chance for the Eudora doing spam skill to disturb the enemy on a lane or get the kill.

2. The Enchanted Talisman

The mana regeneration from the Enchanted Talisman become the right choices to play in a laning phase because the Eudora in Mobile Legends was so need mana to do spam skill continuously. The additional magic power and the reduction cooldown make the Eudora hero level up to become the hero mage which can be killer in an early game. Adding the Health Point (HP) as the bonus for the Eudora for surviving and keep alive.

  • +55 Magic Power
  • + 400 HP
  • +25 Mana Regen
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Passive: Mana Spring: kill or assist will regeneration up to 20% Health Point (HP) hero on 5 seconds.
3. The Glowing Wands item.

The next item of this hero that will explain in Eudora hero guide mobile legends is the glowing wands item. On a mid game, the Eudora will get the chance become the killer hero, so that the Glowing Wands to become the right choices. The point of this item is giving the magic power, the magic penetration, and the additional damage from the passive effect. This item was so mean when the eudora doing the ganking or the team fight.
On the mid game, the mana pool of Eudore has been much, this item gives the benefit for the hero when doing kill combo with the Eudora Skill and the ultimate.

4. The Fleeting Time Item.

The passive effect from the Fleeting Time become the main item of Eudora to get the reduction cooldown when she gets the kill. Her cooldown becomes faster to get the chance to keep run out her skill on a team fight.
The additional magic power and the mana regen gives the benefits for Eudora to not too often to come back to the base and she can be pushing lane intensively.

  • +70 Magic Power
  • +15 Mana Regen
  • +20 Cooldown Reduction.
  • After killing the enemies hero, it will reduce all the cooldown skill up to 30%.
5. The Holy Crystal Item.

The Holy Crystal become the chosen item in a late game. The Eudora will get the biggest damage with this item if it combines with the effect skill. The addition of magic power, the passive effect that is the extra additional magic attack, and the additional 25% magic power make the Eudora become the most scariest killer.

  • +90 Magic Power
  • Unique Effect
  • +25 Magic Power
  • Unique Passive Exterminate: after attack the enemy with the skill, the magic attack will increase up to 15%. The next skill damage will be lost this effect, this effect gonna survive until3 seconds with the cooldown for 10 seconds.
6. The Devil Tears

I will continue explain the item of Eudora in Eudora hero guide in mobile legends. +40 Magic Penetration, the Unique Passive Spellbreaker. When the Health Point (HP) up to 70% attribute from this gear will increase up 30%.  It is function to git the enemy that having a strong magic resistance. By this gear, you could penetrate their defenses easier especially on the first game when the Health Point (HP) still complete.

7. The Lightning Truncheon

This gear will give the additional damage magic on the Eudora and the mana regen that was needed and often using the skill. The unique passive form this item also gives the shock effect to the enemies hero with the additional damage.

  • +75 Magic Power
  • +30 Mana Regen
  • Unique Passive Resonate: on every 6 seconds, your skill damage will attack at least 3 enemies for 150% magic damage.
8. The Blood Wings Item

This is the last build item for the Eudora to get the much more Health Point (HP) from the every magic power that she has moreover the big magic power. Of course, she is not only the mage killer, but she can also survive in a team fight.

The Option of Euduro Abalities

The most suitable ability for Eudora on Mobile Legends is the Flicker, the Sprint, or the Arrival. With the low movement speed and the weak Health Point (HP). Eudora is a hero that could be the easy target of the enemy. So that, the Flicker and the Sprint could be as the helper who can save her soul when it was found out. If you think you are so confident with your ability to escape. So the Arrival could be the best choices and this ability will help you so with the Eudora as the pusher and the real defender.

So guys, hopefully those explanation gonna useful Eudora hero guide in mobile legends for you. Thanks for coming to my blog and please share this article and like or follow my Fans Page.


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