Chou Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Master of Fighter Role

Chou hero guide

Hello Mobile Legends lovers! Do you need a strong fighter in your team to help win the battle? If so, Chou can be the best choice for you. It is one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends you can use to counter some heroes. So, get Chou hero guide in Mobile Legends to master this hero well. Then, you need to know that this hero has multi-function for your team. You can use it as a pure fighter or set it as semi-tank or great assassin as well. It is based on the condition and the need for your team. To maximize its role, you can just set the emblem talent correctly. To know more about Mobile Legends Chou guide 2019, let’s see the explanation below.

Overview of Chou Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Chou Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The first time you need to know about Chou hero guide in Mobile Legends is the short overview of this hero. Let’s check it out.

1. Durability

As a fighter, Chou has good enough durability. So, he will not be easy to be killed in the battle. His score for the durability is 78.

2. Offense

Beside good in durability, this hero is also offensive. He is good to attack the enemy to get fast kill with the skills combo. The score of his offense is 82.

3. Ability Effects

Since he is a pure fighter, his ability will not give high effects to the team war. He only has 52 points for the ability effects.

4. Difficulty

This hero is not so difficult to play. You need to consider the best timing to attack or defense. The difficulty of this hero is 64. This condition will not give a big struggle for you to master this hero role play.

Kinds of Skills to Master about Chou Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

When you need to know how to play Chou mobile legends 2019 correctly, the most important thing to know is his skills. By knowing them, it will be easier for you to use this hero appropriately. To play him better, you only need to have many practices. Here are kinds of Chou skills to know.

1. Passive – Only Fast

The passive skill of this hero is interesting. After Chou moves 8 yards, the next attack will give 180% damage and slow down the target in a few seconds. It will give you benefits to attack the enemies quickly when they are getting slow. Also, by 180% addition, Chou will be able to kill his enemies easily, especially mage or marksman that has a low hit point. To maximize its role, you can build Chou full damage with the correct emblem talent and items choice.

2. Skill 1 – Jeet Kune Do

The First skill of Chou is named Jeet Kune Do. With this skill, this hero pushes forward three times continuously. Each punch he does gives 180(+70% total Physical ATK) points of physical damage. His first two attacks will slow enemies who got punched by 60%. The third punch will knock the nearby enemies into the air. This third punch also resets the cool-down of Shunpo or skill 2.

3. Skill 2 – Shunpo

By using this skill, this hero will dash forward. While doing the dash, he will be immune to any control effects. Then, after the dash, Chou will increase physical penetration by 15 points. Also, he obtains a shield that absorbs 200(+150% extra physical ATK) points of damage for 2 seconds.

4. Skill 3 – The Way of Dragon

When you touch this skill, Chou will cast a roundhouse kick to knock back enemies. This kick will give 400(+200% extra physical ATK) points of the physical damage. Then, you can touch this skill again to make Chou chase up the enemies in the air and deal 400(+200% extra physical ATK) points of physical damage.

Well, that is all you need to know about Chou hero guide in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to always use the right Chou mobile legends build 2019 to maximize its role.