10 Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends – Use it in High Ranked Mode

Best Fighter Heroes

Recently, there are fighter heroes that come to this game. All of them have special skills that can be used for a certain purpose in a different situation. To make a good composition in the game, you need to have one of the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. The fighter heroes are strongly needed in the battlefield since they are strong from the beginning of the game. They become stronger and stronger in every level. In the late game, the best fighter Mobile Legends 2019 becomes so scary with their strength supported with the fighter items.

The List of Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends

On the battlefield, you need to have good formation. There should be complete heroes related to their role. There should be a tank, fighter, marksman, mage, and also best assassin Mobile Legends 2019. Since fighter can be the first hero to initiate an attack, to know the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends is important. Here is the list of the best ten fighters for you.

1. Minsitthar

Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends

This hero is the fighter that can be a good initiator of the team fight. He is able to steal or pull the enemy heroes with his skill. He can also give a long stun to the designed enemy. This ability can be the great crowd control to the opponent hero. So, he can initiate the team war to the most important hero from the enemy.

2. Lapu-Lapu

Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends

Many players say that Lapu-Lapu is the Mobile Legends best hero 2018. It is rational since he is a strong hero that is difficult to kill. With his ultimate skill, the enemy heroes can be killed in one hit. It can happen especially when this hero has a higher level than the enemy. He is a mobile hero that has great control effect and durability. So, he can go in the front with a tank to initiate an attack and protect heroes that have a little blood.

3. Ruby

Ruby Hero Guide

This hero is strong with her skills. Unlike other fighters, Ruby relies on her skills than the basic attack. This kind of hero Meta Mobile Legend possesses great skills with high damage, the short cooldown of her skills, and low mana cost. So, you can always maximize her skills to attack the enemies without considering the mana cost seriously. To keep the mana regeneration well, you can just buy demon shoes at the early game with a low price.

4. Aldous

Aldous can be the most frightening hero in the late game. He is very strong and can deal with high damage. Even, a marksman or mage can die with his ultimate skill. The third or ultimate skill of Aldous can chase the target wherever he or she stands. Although the enemy hero is invisible from the map or even hide, Aldous can chase the designed hero from where he stands. That is why this hero becomes a favorite for the late game.

5. Alpha

This hero Mobile Legend 2019 can give a deadly attack if you use the skill combination properly with the right position. He also has high life steal. With the right items, the enemy will get difficulty to kill him. So, this hero can be a good protection to other heroes with low blood in your team. Also, it can be a good damage dealer to the enemy heroes.

6. Leomord

As the pro player, you must know Leomord. Yes, this is one of the best Mobile Legends hero 2019. This hero comes with five skills. The two skills come when he uses the ultimate skill. You can see he ride a horse when he uses the third or ultimate skill. This condition is suitable to chase or run away from enemies. It can be so since his movement speed increases when he uses his ultimate skill.

7. Argus

Argus is the only hero that has the unique ultimate skill and can be relied on the battlefield. It can happen since that skill makes his body becomes immune from enemies attack and recharge his hit point. So, this skill makes this hero hard to die even get many attacks from the enemies. Besides, he has deadly burst damage that can reduce enemies’ hit point significantly. That is why this hero becomes one of the top fighters to defense and give high burst damage.

8. Freya

Freya is a beautiful hero. Besides beautiful, she is a very strong and tough fighter. She can defeat her enemies easily with skill combination of Godspeed Strike + Wings of Faith + Valkyrie. When she uses her ultimate skill, the damage, and defense increase significantly. In this condition, you can use her to attack the enemies continuously.

9. Sun

Sun Hero Guide

This hero is often used by many players due to its great mobility and he is one one top fighter also. While using this hero, you can make the twin of Sun with his first skill when his stick hits the enemy. The twin Sun will also come with his ultimate skill. Besides, there will come the twin of Sun, his ultimate skill will make him invisible in a second. This moment can prevent him from a crowd control effect. With his superiorities, many players like this hero to initiate an attack and deal damage to enemy heroes.

10. Roger

This hero can do two roles. He can be a marksman and also a great fighter. When he becomes a werewolf, he becomes so strong. He can approach the enemy fast and also has the ability to walk fast. He can also kill the enemy fast with his claws. So, this hero will be good to defend himself and deal damage to the enemy. However, this hero does not have a disable skill. So, you have to chase the enemies with teamwork. You need the role of the tank and other heroes with disable skill.

A fighter is the right hero to help your team to be successful in winning the game. So, make sure you pick the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends as mentioned above. Also, let’s wait for the Mobile Legends new hero that can give a big impact on winning the game.