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Estes Hero Guide, estes hero

The Estes hero is the newest hero on Mobile Legends game. In Mobile Legends itself there are not many options for the healer position. Because sometimes the healer is only limited on the Rafaela or even in the magic hero with the healer ability from the god of the moon. On the ranked Mobile legend competition, the Estes hero is being the main choices as the healer hero nowadays. His heal ability was so amazing. Besides he can heal the mount of Health Point (HP), the estes hero in Mobile Legends also has the damage skill with a slow effect. The Estes hero is a hero support which is used to fight with the enemies team. Let’s follow me to know Estes hero guide in mobile legends below:

Estes Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

For the first Info New Technologies will talk about the skill of Estes hero so keep staying in Estes hero guide in Mobile legends. Here are the skills of the Estes Hero on Mobile Legends Games:

1. The Code of Moon Elves – the Passive Skill.

In this skill, on every second the Estes will get the charge that could reach for 100 points and when the charge is full, the basic attack of Estes herp will get the additional magic damage for 450 and rebound to the enemy around him and give the big damage for about 225 magic damage.

2. The Moonlight Immersion – The First Active Skill.

In this skill, the Estes hero can also give the healing to the all members of his group (it can also work on himself) for about 200 points and gives the link to the members of the team to get the Ragen for 250 points in three seconds. That Link purposes to speed up the charge of The Code of Moon elves. They will get lost the link if they are separated in a far direction.

3. The Domain of Moon Goddess.

In this skill is giving the energy to the bigger area to slow down and give the damage to the all enemies which is located on this area. The enemy who tries to get out from the Domain of the Moon Goddess ability areas will get slow down if they’re touched on the edge of the area.

4. The Blessing of Moon Goddess – The Ultimate skill.

In this skill by giving directly the healing or even the link at once from the Moonlight Immersion skill to the all members of the team around the Estes hero itself for 8 seconds. During that event, the Estes hero will also get the regen Health Point for about 1080 point.

The Build Item Estes Hero

So guys, those are the skills that Estes hero has and now let’s turn into the Build item of the Estes Hero. So keep enjoying in Estes hero guide Mobile legends.

1. The Enchanted Talisman item

This is the most obligation item of Estes Hero. Because the Estes hero must be ready to do the heal and that thing will use the Mana. So that the Enchanted Talisman is become the right build item of the Estes hero in Mobile Legends. Besides that. He needs to get a lot of Ragen Mana for doing spam to all over his skills and also this item gives the very important cooldown reduction for the Estes hero as the Hero support healer. Not only could increase the Health Point (HP) and decrease the cooldown. This item also has the passive skill which could ensure that the Mana of the Estes will not run out.

2. The Magic Shoes

The next build item for the guide Estes hero in Mobile Legends is the Magic Shoes. This shoes item can give the cooldown reduction. It was so worth to be used by the Estes hero as the Support healer hero.

3. The Immortality Item

The immortality item can be your solution when sometimes the enemy assassin is too strong and even have the thick armor you’re gonna die with their burst damage. If your enemy have a lot of magic dealer hero, I suggest you to buy this item as the third build item of Estes hero. You’d be better of use this item if your enemy eyeing on you continuously and if you were early die on the fight, it will gonna be the bad effect of winning the team. So that, this build item will make you reborn after killed with the 15 Health Point (HP) and the shield which could absorb until 1000 damage. Amazingly! You could directly recover the Health Point (HP) become full just because the heal skill that you have. Is that cool ? absolutely yeah.

4. The Guardian Relic Build item

The next build item is the guardian relic, so keep staying in Estes hero guide mobile legends. One of the purpose of this build item is for boosting your magic power more higher. It is function to increase your healing skill to the all members of the team. If you could doing an immense healing, so that the chance to win the games is also big.

5. The Heart of Steel

In order to guarantee the safety of Estes hero , it doesn’t matter if increase the armor and the Health Point (HP) on the late game. So that, the Heart of Steel is suitable as the fifth build item of Estes hero in Mobile Legends!

6. The Dominance Ice

And now you need to think about how to get survive longer in a fight and keep healing your friends as much as possible, so that you need the item to increase the armor. The Dominance Ice armor was so wort for it. The Dominance Ice serves the complete pack for the mage hero, which consists of the Mana, the Armor. And the crit chance reduction could help you to still alive from the assassin attack that always eyeing you first.
This item also has the unique ability that related with the build item of Estes Hero in Mobile Legends. That is 15% the cooldown reduction and also the effect which decrease the movement speed and the enemies speed attack around them.

7. The Winter Truncheon

The Winter Truncheon will add the magic power status and also the armor. This build item will protect you by slowing down the enemy for about 80% when they fight with the basic attack when you were under 30%. This item also has the cooldown reduction 10%. So that, right now, you have 40% cooldown reduction.

8. The Athena’s Shield

The last but not the least, the Athena’s Shield could become as the complete item to make your Estes Hero becoming the tanky and doing healing continuously while in a fight.

So guys, those are the most recommended build item of this hero in Estes hero guide in Mobile Legends. Thanks for coming to my blog and please share this article. And also like this blog so that you can get updated info from this site directly. Good luck and have a nice trying.



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