Moskov Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The Spear of Calm

Moskov Hero Guide

Are you holding Moskov character in your Mobile Legends? Moskov hero guide in Mobile Legends will make your game more fun and play rightly. The hero with his nickname as a “Spear or Calm” is very well in a shot the target but he has a dark past. Now, Moskov joins Abyss of Shadow and serve the Queen of Doom to revenge. In this Moskov hero guide 2019, it will discuss the abilities and the build item. Whomever you are both the master and the beginner, do not underestimate this information.

Moskov Hero Guide in Mobile Legends on Abilities and the Build Items

In Dhamu tournament, Moskov is very popular and now, he is still the right snipper. Even, it becomes the latest trend in meta because he becomes the strongest carrier. Besides that, this hero is able to change the lost tide. Those all may happen because of the abilities which Moskov own. Have you memorized his abilities? Anything your answer, the guide Moskov Mobile Legends is willing to present 4 abilities such as below:

1. Spear of Quiescence

It is Moskov passive skill acting as the basic attack to penetrate and deal damage to his enemies. Occasionally, the basic can be massive deadly damage when your position is right.

2. Abyss Walker

This ability relies on the power of shadow to teleport the specific position and increase 30% attack speed. Absolutely, it enhances the attack’s penetration ability and lasting 3 seconds. Do not use it to catch the enemies in between team fight.

3. Spear of Death

Although the name is the Spear of Death this skill is not for damage. You will only use it for kitting and crowd control. Use it rightly or you will help your enemy to escape.

4. Spear of Destruction

You precisely use this ability during a team fight and get the benefit of the 50pts physical attack boost. However, always look at your map and help your team.

7 Build Items on Moskov Hero to Play

Moskov Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Moskov has the skill to increase his attack speed and penetration but his only weakness is a close-range attack. Nonetheless, this marksman hero has an assassin counter skill from the skill 2 with stunning in two seconds. Actually, this page wants you discuss7 build Moskov Mobile Legends to ease your playing:

1. Scarlet Phantom

It is the core item that benefits for the Attack Speed buff. Scarlet Phantom is as well provides a critical and it has additional passive to increase rapidly.

2. Berserker’s Furry

Moskov rellies on Berserker’s Furry in each game to deal with damage and increase 40% critical. So, Moskov becomes so deadly for his enemies.

3. Athena ‘s Shield

Apparently, Moskov includes as the low durability hero while there are many magic META enemies. Luckily, it has this item to be able to survive in the wall and fight META easily.

4. Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes are very useful for Moskov because it is able to maintain its energy easily.

5. Endless Battle

In the Mobile Legends, Endless Battle includes as the skill 1 to dash and get the buff. Endless Battle can give you huge additional damage along with the additional life steal. Cool!

6. Blade of Despair

This build item gives you good news wherein it increases Moskov Attack rapidly. Moskov can kill his enemy using Blade of Despair while combining skill 1 and 2. Surely, this way make this marksman hero kills and revenges his enemies easily.

7. Immortal

The build item in the Moskov Mobile Legends includes the option to use. The function is to be your last rescue when there is a mistake in the ranking. In fact, it is also useful to replace the utility of Anthena Shield if you want.

So, how to play Moskov in Mobile Legends, do you have the good tricks? The presence of the abilities and 7 build items is enough to be your best tricks. The Moskov hero guide in Mobile Legends here is sure and know what do you should do.