How to Get Free Skin in Mobile Legends – Bang Bang Guide

free skin in mobile legends

For making the hero display in Mobile Legends game getting better than before, you need to know that there are a lot of skins that you can use. The Skins in Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang itself can be obtained with the Diamond purchase, it means with the premium cost inside the game. Here are the way for getting the Free Skin in Mobile Legends.

Getting Free Skin in Mobile Legends

I will give you 7 ways to get free skin. You can try all of the way to get it, here are the ways, just follow all of the ways below :

1. Login Every day

The first step for getting the free skin is by login the game every day. On the seventh days, you will get some box which contains of the free skin that you can use.

2. Lucky Spin

For the second step is with the lucky spin. In two weeks at once, the Moonton will giving some Lucky Spin that can be play with the player. In Lucky Spin itself, there’s the Free skin of Mobile Legends that can be obatined.

3. Using the Fragments

For the forth step is using the Fragments. Besides the Battle Point or we are usually calls it BP, the Diamonds and the Ticktets and the cost of the Mobile Legends game that we can obidient. The cost here is mean the Premium Skins Fragments and Rare Skins Fragments. Even for getting the fragments is a bit difficult, but you can syill get that with free through the every event inside the game. If it feels enough, you can switch the fragments with the every kind of free skins in Mobile Legends game.

4. Get into the Higher Rank

For the third step the way for getting the free skin of Mobile Legends is get into the higher level. In the very season (3 month at once) Moonton will giving the free skin for the player those who succeed to reach the master or over.
The other of skin, you are gonna get the Ticket and the Battle Point in this step.

5. Win the Global Competition

For the sixth step is winning the global competition. If you are succeed to win one of the offline global competition officially. Then you will get the free skin automatically. One of the skins is Layla: Blue Spectre.

6. Using The Skin Trial

For the fifth step is using the skin trial. For you those who wanna try the free skin, this Mobile Legends has a lot of kinds of Skins Trial that you can obidient. The skin trial made for the several heroes, the skin trial duration is started from the 1 day, 3 days until 7 days.

7. Live Streaming

For the seventh and the last step of getting free skin in Mobile Legends is by using the Live Streaming. By doing the Live Streaming, there’s no fault if activate the live stream when you’re playing the game. It would be happen if suddenly there’s sultan that suddenly comes to you and giving you a lot of diamonds. You can use that diamond for purchase the free skin.

Those are the steps or ways for getting the free skin in Mobile Legends. You are not forced to use and follow that steps. It’s all up to you. That’s all, hopefully, it would give a lot of benefits for you the readers. Goodluck!



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