Bruno Hero Guide in Mobile Legends -The Soccer Player

Bruno hero is one of Hero Marksman role which a bit unique. Moonton might be inspired by the soccer player from Brazil, Neymar. Bruno has a kill ability by using the soccer technique if the player could use it as well as possible. His ability here means like the sliding tackle or kicking the ball powerful to the wicket. He was so good on a damage side and on the defense mechanism. Let’s continue to know more about Bruno hero guide in mobile legends below:

Bruno Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

1. Volley Shot

It is kicking the ball to the determined area to give the damage to your enemy. The ball that you have kicked could be taken back and give the less cooldown effect directly. But those balls could be taken by your friends.

2. The Flying Track

Sliding Tackle to the direction that you have chosen to give the damage and the stun effect to the enemy. This ability you can use to take the ball that Bruno has been kicked before. You are not only reset the cooldown Flying Tackle but also all the abilities that you have.

3. The Ultimate Skill of Bruno

The World Wave is the ultimate skill of Bruno which function are kick the ball to the where your enemy is for giving the damage, knock back, and the armor minus for 3 points. After the enemy hit it, those ball gonna threw to the other enemies which close with them seems like playing table tennis continuously. You could combine it with the passive skill that is the Mecha Legs. When every skills of Bruno could give the damage to the enemy, will the critical chance which owned by Bruno will increase up to 4 % and it’s gonna stacked 5 times.

After we talk about the skill of Bruno hero, now Info New Technologies will talk about the build item of Bruno hero. There are some build item that you have to know in Bruno hero guide mobile legends.

The Build Item of Bruno Hero

1. Thor’s Sting

in this item it’s gonna speed up your farming on a lane or even in the jungle. By this item, you also should speed up the power how you walk. Besides that, the status that given by this item was so great to be used bt the Hero Carry like what we are talking right now, that is Bruno.

2. The Tooth of Green

On this item there is the most needed effect for Bruno that is the life stealing. With that effect, the Bruno hero could stand easier on a lane. Besides that, the Bruno hero also can do one by one fighting with his enemies carry later.

3. The Swift Boots

The next build item of bruno is the swift boots in Bruno hero guide mobile legends. The most suitable boots item to be used by the carry damage likes Bruno hero is the Swift Boots. By using this boots item, you could get the fight speed and also the walk speed absolutely.

4. The Blade of Destruction

This item will give a highest DPS upgrade with the status of the critical chance, the critical damage, and also the Physical Attack from this item, the DPS that you’re gonna produce will get higher than before.

5. The Scarlet Phantom

After you’ve got the high damage item, here is the right time for you to increase your fight speed. It purposes to get increase the DPS higher than before. The Scarlet Phantom is the right one item.

6. The Wind Chaser

And for the last item is the Wind Chaser. After the late game, there must be the enemy with a high armor. It’s gonna be handled by purchasing the Wind Chaser. Why should be Wind Chaser?Because this item could cut through the armor enemies for 40%! So if you didn’t find many enemies that having a high armor, you could change this item with the Blade of Despair.

How to Use Bruno Hero in Mobile Legends

So guys, those are the item of Bruno hero, let’s move to the next topic that is how to use Bruno hero in Mobile legends. Keep staying on Bruno hero guide mobile legends.

1. The Early Game

On the first step, Bruno hero hasn’t owned a big damage even he could pull out the critical fight start from the first level. Try to get focus on farming and poke the enemies hero with the Skill 1 . don’t forget to use the ultimate skill if your enemies are more than one or even in a trapped situation.

2. The Mid Game

On this step, the damage of Bruno is big enough, especially if you have been had the Barseker’s Fury and the Scarlet Phantom. Keep focusing on the farming and help your team if they need, but don’t too force or even you’re suicide.

3. The Late Game

in the final game, the Bruno hero will be an immense asset on a team fight. His ultimate will make the enemies strategy screw up and increase their armor in order that they can be easier to be fought. Place the Bruno hero in a safe place keep focusing on the most dangerous hero fight. Save the skill 2 in an emergency or chasing situation.

Well, guys we know that Bruno have a big damage but the way how to use it is nit as easy as use the other Marksman hero. It was needed how to understand the maps ability and the calculation on using the high skill, because once you false it’s gonna give an effect to the lower damage result. Thanks for coming in bruno hero guide in mobile legends and please share this article and like my Fans Page. Have a nice trying and good luck.


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