Saber Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The Assassin Robot

Nowadays, in Mobile Legends there are 5 heroes Assassin that people can use to fight, those are : Saber, Karina, Fanny, Hayabusa, and Natalia. Saber is one of the first hero Assassin that the noob could use it on Mobile Legends game. But this hero is not easy to play, moreover, this hero has become the milestons to use the other heroes because it needs more calculation to use this cyborg that holding on the 2 swords. This article Info New Technologies will share about Saber hero guide in mobile legends, so keep following me to know the info.

Saber Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The Assassin Robot, The Disable Master

The Superiority And The Weakness Of The Saber Hero

1. The Weakness Of Saber Hero
  • Small Health Point (HP), even on the late game.
  • The Crowd Control effect could stop all over his movement.
2. The Superiority Of Saber Hero
  • The ultimate skill could lock the enemy from far away and give a big damage.
  • The Skill 1 can be used for attack from far away.
  • The Greatest Ganker.

The Skills Of Saber Hero

– The Passive Skill of Saber hero: The Enemy’s Bane

On every attack which exposed the enemy will decrease 7 armors and can stack on until 5 times for 5 seconds.

– The Skill 1 of Saber hero: The Flying Sword
  • Cooldown: 8.0
  • Mana Cost: 100

Saber will run out 4 flying swords and produce 160/180/200/220/240/260 physical damage to the enemy. Those swords will also produce the damage after ut turn back to the Saber.

– The Skill 2 of Saber hero: The Charge
  • Cooldown: 14.0
  • Mana Cost: 70

Saber will faster to move to the some place and produce 80/100/120/140/160/180 physical damage to the enemy that they hit.

– The Ultimate Skill of Saber: The Triple Sweep
  • Cooldown: 34.0
  • Mana Cost: 100

Saber activate the Triple Sweep, Saber hero will lock and attack his enemy 3 times on the air. Every attacks will produce 200/230/260 physical damage to the enemy.

The Battle Spell of Saber Hero

  • Execute
  • Petrify
The Emblem of Saber Hero
  • The Physical Assassin
  • The Retribution emblem

It will give the instant damage to kill the monster faster. It is so suitable to take the Role buff or the Gold buff.

  • The Flicker emblem

It can save the player from the complicated situation, even it from the gank or loss on the team fight or it gonna use offensively on chase the enemy behind the wall.

The Build Item of Saber Hero in Mobile Legends

Now I want to share about build item of Saber hero in mobile legends game. Keep following us to know more about Saber hero guide mobile legends.

1. The Bloddlust Axe item.

Give the spell vamp effect to the all Saber hero skill. With this skill, he could recover the Health Point (HP) from a safe direction with the Skill 1.

2. The Magic Shoes item.

Give the Movement Speed addition and the Cooldown reduction that what saber hero needs actually.

3. The Magic Blase

4. The Blade of the 7 seas item

It will give a little Health Point (HP) addition for Saber hero and increase the enemies defense before they start to attack.

5. The Immortality item

It is the assurance for Saber hero. Because he could be killed faster after he launches the attack with this item he could reborn if there’s wrong calculation.

6. The Blade of Despair item

It is the item with an expensive enough price, but it will give the big damage, especially for the enemy which in the Crowd Control Effect.

So guys, those are the Saber hero guide in Mobile Legends games. Please share this article on your Social Media and like and follow me on my Fans Page. Good luck and have a nice trying.


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