Karrie Hero guide

Hello guys! Does your team always get difficulties to win the war on the battlefield? If so, you need the Karrie hero guide in Mobile Legends. Well, Karrie is a great marksman that can move fast and a mobile hero to kill the enemy heroes. She can deal big damage and kill the enemies in a second. However, she was born with a little blood. Unlike fighters or tanks, this hero is weak for the defense. Thus, she needs the right position while meeting the enemies, especially in the team war. Have good attention to the Karrie guide 2019 below.

The Superiority and Weakness of Karrie to Know in Karrie Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To play this game using this hero, you need to know the superiority and weakness of Karrie. In this Karrie hero guide in Mobile Legends, you can see all of them. As Karrie Mobile Legends lovers, you certainly need to know this matter. So, let’s check them out.

1. Superiority

This hero is strong to kill tanks hero that has a great defense. Besides, Karrie is also completed with the second skill that can chase enemies or run away from gank. So, she can approach enemies to give damage and run away quickly after doing it. Then, she will deal with a killing attack with the combination of her first and third skill. Hence, make sure you put Karrie in the right position while attacking.

2. Weakness

Like other marksman, this hero is vulnerable to crowd control effect. Also, she is easy to catch, especially by mobile fighters. So, don’t go alone and always position this hero beyond the tank or strong fighter.

Best Karrie Build Commonly used by Pro Players

When you need Karrie build 2019, you can follow some items below to buy while playing Mobile Legends. Here they are.

1. Demon Shoes

First, you need to buy this item. A demon shoe will increase movement speed and produce mana regeneration. Since this hero needs mana for her skill, so to buy this item is a must for her.

2. Endless Battle

You should buy it for the second main item. It will increase the physical attack, add mana regeneration, and give an additional hit point, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and life steal.

3. Bloodlust Axe

The third item you should buy while play with Karrie is Bloodlust Axe. It can add physical attacks and give a cooldown reduction of Karrie’s skills.

4. Thunder Belt

After you buy some offensive items, you need to buy Thunder Belt to increase her hit point. Besides, this item will give additional mana regeneration and also cool down the reduction of her skills.

5. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

This item is also important to support Karrie’s life in this game. It will give a little physical attack. However, this item adds a high hit point to this hero. Thus, she will not easy to die while getting damage from the enemy heroes.

6. Blade of Despair

This item is so necessary to buy. It will increase a high physical attack and add her movement speed.

Recommended Spells for Karrie

Spells have a crucial role in the battlefield for all heroes, include Karrie. So, here are the recommended ones that will be useful for her.

1. Inspire

The first choice of spell you can use while playing Karrie is “inspire”. It can increase her attack speed.

2. Flicker

To play more safely with this hero, you can use “flicker” as the right spell. When you use this spell, Karrie will teleport to the designed location. It is useful to chase enemies or run away quickly.

This Karrie hero guide in Mobile Legends will help you to understand her role and get tips to use her properly. However, to increase your gameplay, you need to practice more.