Kimmy Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – To Shoot Enemies Everywhere

Kimmy Hero Guide

Kimmy is a very unique hero in Mobile legends. It is not because of the number of skills or being able to change a mode. It is unique due to her attack that can be directed manually as the user wants. To optimize her superiorities, you can follow this Kimmy hero guide in Mobile Legends. Then, you need to know that she can shoot enemies in the opposite direction of her movement. This condition lets you attack while running away from enemies and deal damage to them. Even, you can kill an enemy that chases you if you support her with Kimmy mobile legend build correctly.

Tips to Play with This Hero Based on the Kimmy Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To play with Kimmy needs more practice. If you want to master her faster, you can follow the tips below.

1. Practice on Custom or Versus AI

As a beginner, to play in classic or ranked mode with this hero is too risky. You may become the feeder all the time to the enemy. So, to practice in the Custom or Versus AI mode is recommended. In this mode, the enemy is not so difficult to beat. So, you can try everything with this hero to increase your feeling.

2. Turn off lock hero mode

Kimmy is a hero whose attack is the manual aim. It means that you should direct the attack manually with the right analog. So, you are recommended to turn off the lock hero mode on the settings. When it is turned off, it may disturb your view to target a certain enemy.

3. Use left analog most

Since you will find many difficulties to target enemies with mobile movement, you can solve it by dominantly using the left analog. It will be more effective to shoot enemies accurately. You can target one of them with the right analog. When he or she moves, you can adjust your shot by moving Kimmy’s body with the left analog. This way of Kimmy hero guide in Mobile Legends will make her shot more accurate.

Let’s Set Best Build with Kimmy

Kimmy Hero Guide, Kimmy Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The right items will give a big impact on Kimmy’s damage to increase her physical or magical attack. So, here are the best items to purchase while playing with this hero.

1. Bloodlust Axe

It is the first core item to buy. It will give high damage and spell vamp to Kimmy’s skill.

2. Rapid Boots

It the best boot to make the hero move the fastest in the game. Since this hero needs to move fast for positioning herself well, this item is very suitable for her.

3. Corrosion Scythe

Next item of kimmy hero guide. This item is good to increase her attack speed. It is suitable for all marksman, include Kimmy.

4. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair will give additional high damage to all Kimmy’s skill. When she has had this item, she can kill any enemies in a second with a few hits.

5. Scarlet Phantom

To increase his speed in attacking, this item is the right item to purchase. It will also give a critical chance to her.

6. Wind of Nature

This item will make the attack speed of Kimmy increase significantly. Besides, it will also give a life steal to her where she will get hit point regeneration while attacking enemies.

That is all the tips of Kimmy hero guide in Mobile Legends you can follow if you like to play with this hero. Don’t forget to purchase the core items above while playing to optimize her role as a fast killer from distance.