Franco Hero Guide Mobile Legends – Great Tank to Hook Enemies

Franco is the frightening hero that can easily kidnap one of the enemy heroes. With the combination of his first and ultimate skill, your team will be easier to kill one of the enemies. It can happen especially after being hooked by this hero. So, getting a Franco hero guide will be necessary for you if you like this hero. Then, you need to know that the role of this hero is a tank. To optimize his role, you have to know the right technique while using him. All of them will be discussed on this Franco guide 2019.

Three Most Useful Techniques to Control Enemies with Franco Hero Guide

To catch the enemy using Franco, there are some techniques you need to master. When you have mastered them, you can easily immobilize any enemy you want. Some techniques you can try are:

1. Animation delay

Many professional players have used this technique and most of them are successful to kidnap one of the enemies. To do it is not difficult. If you pay attention well, all heroes will stand in their position for a few seconds while attacking or using skills. It is a good time for Franco to cast his first skill or Iron Hook to the targeted enemy.

To make a sudden attack, you can activate lock hero mode on the settings. Then, you can bring Franco to hide in the grass when the enemy is farming. It will make him invisible from enemies. Then, when you see the enemy is attacking, just cast the iron hook. If it is successful, you and your teammate will be easy to kill the targeted enemy.

2. Jungle Reset

This technique is useful to disturb enemies that are attacking monsters in the jungle. You need to know that the iron hook of Franco hero guide can also hook minion or creep. So, when you see no enemies in a certain lane, you can check the jungle condition. They may go to the jungle to take buffs from some creeps in there.

When you find they are attacking a creep, you can hook it. By doing this action, you can make the enemies fail to kill the creep. It can happen since every monster in the jungle will go back to the position after being hooked by Franco hero guide mobile legends. So, it must be annoying to the enemies because they have spent time for a few seconds attacking creep but no result.

3. Flicker Hook

This technique is a little bit difficult to do. However, if you have mastered it, you can make a good momentum to kill the enemy easily. With this Mobile Legends Franco hero guide, let’s see this technique further. Well, to do it, you can choose a flicker spell to bring in the battlefield. Use this spell after the iron hook hits the target. Thus, the enemy will follow the direction you teleport using a flicker spell.

With this spell, you can direct this hero to your turret or the location where your teammates stay. By doing it, the targeted enemy hero will follow your direction. Under your turret or around your teammate, your team will be so easy to kill the hooked hero. It can be so since he/ she cannot escape after being hooked and get Franco Ultimate skill.

With the right technique of the Franco hero guide, you can use him to control the enemy well. So, maximize his role and make your enemies suffering from your actions. With it, it will be difficult for them to increase their level quickly and get more gold. As a result, your team will have a bigger chance to win the game.