The Best Guide of Mobile Legends For Beginner – Bang Bang Guide

Are you the beginner of mobile legends? this is the best guide of mobile legends for beginner, let’s read this before you begin to play the game for first time. As we can see from the tittle, Mobile Legend is the strategy MOBA game which is rely on team fight. And now, I have a good news for you. I’m gonna tell you about the best guide of Mobile Legends for beginner – Bang Bang beginner guide

The Best Guide of Mobile Legends For Beginner

1. Master the Principle to Using Hero

Best Guide of Mobile Legends

Mastery having a game of Mobile Legend is the thing that you have to applicable. For mastery one or two heroes for the first, it will help you to be familiar with the game even not exercising many characters of Mobile Legend. You can try all heroes but i suggest you to take the hero with the character based on your playing style. The character rotation also needs to know the kind of class. As we ever got any advice. When you’re getting lose of fail it will give you some lesson. It seems like playing in this game, when you’re lose you can take it as the lesson and you can more mastering the character which makes you getting lose. Remember that experience is the best teacher.

2.Know Every Character of Hero

Best Guide of Mobile Legends

MOBA is a game that needs a teamwork and strategy. You do not fight your enemy team alone, but you’re playing as a team. Here are the best guide of Mobile Legends role:

– Carry: is the character which playing as the damage dealer on the competition. This type really needs help from support to make carry the killer monster. Usually, carry is a marksmen or mage which is focused on damage.

– Tank: Is an insiatior in a team and also as the front line in a game. The role of Tank is the most receive from damage in a team fight to support carry. So that, you have to make a right decision if you to be Tank!

– Support: This type is not too popular and disposed under rated. So your sole here is guarantee carry to stand longer in a team fight. The role of support is very important in a team fight which intens. So don’t try to underestimate support.

– Jungler: Not like the other type which playing in the lane, this type is playing the jungle and need to memorize and realise with the map! But Jungler can also be the inisiator in a gank or counter gank

3. Exercising Last Hit Minion

Minion will support your finance in your first period. The Last hit is very important to kill minion for getting many golds. But exercising the last hit continuously, you will get a well economic in a game. The reason why we should mastering one hero is to habit the last hit. The longer you use the character you are getting used with the damage per level and the effective item to do last hit.

4. Always be Alert with the Maps

Especially for you as the beginner, don’t forget to always check the map! By being alert to be checking the map, you can be estimated your enemy movement. For example, if your enemy suddenly loses in the map, it might be ganking in the lane, so that you can anticipate from the first in order that you’re not loss. Don’t forget that you have support from your team that always give you the information if there’s a character which isn’t on their lane or missing.
Keep alert is your key to keep your superiority which have been reached!

5. Team Fight and Take the Objective

The most important guide for the beginner of Mobile Legends is Team Fight as often as possible and take the objective.

You are a part of the team and you are something that can’t be inevitable in MOBA game. So that, keep well the communication is a key of the compactness team and great team work can be the key to win!

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