Lancelot Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Assassin Hero With Fast Attack

Do you often wonder why Lancelot often get a ban when it uses a ranked mode? Instead, this hero often becomes a struggle among the player. Well, the Lancelot hero guide in Mobile Legends today will make clear for you. Apparently, the answer is Lancelot is an Assassin hero with an extremely powerful attack. Even, he is able to be invisible when the enemy attacks him. So, is Lancelot the best hero in Mobile legends? Certainly, you can infer it alone after reading the above explanation. Leave it and let’s continue to some other information!

Lancelot Hero Guide in Mobile Legends : Skills, Superiorities, and Weakness

The Lancelot Mobile Legends here is ready to inform everything to play. It includes the skills which you will need later. This boyfriend of Odette has 4 great skills to play such as a Soul Cutter as a passive skill. You can give a debuff effect for 10 seconds to your enemy using this skill while increasing 20% damage extra. Puncture or skill 1 is able to give damage and mark to your enemy. It greats to run from them when your mobile phones start to low. Even, the puncture skill helps you to outwit the enemy.

The third skill is Thorned Rose to give crash in a triangle form and 70% slow effect. You will get big damage when you direct your enemy entering the triangle form. Nevertheless, you do not be astonished when Lancelot suddenly disappear for a while when you use this skill. Lastly, there is a Phantom Execution as the ultimate skill giving big physical damage. Although there are four skills, the hero Lancelot guide only recommends two skills. Precisely, you play with the Thorned Rose then Puncture and going back to Thorned Rose.

Superiorities of Lancelot Hero

Okay, it finishes to review the skills and keep going to the superiorities. This page records 4 features of a Lancelot:

1. Lancelot is a strong hero in the early and late game although it gets a nerf many times.

2. The enemies especially they that do not have hero crowd control are difficult to counter him.

3. It includes as difficult to catch hero because he has very high mobility.

4. Lancelot appears excellent to kill the enemy.

Weakness of Lancelot Hero

Continue to my guide about lancelot hero guide. Okay, those are 4 features that Lancelot own to play. Do worry about his weakness because this hero only shows 3 cases such as below:

  • The utility is quite so that you should able to reduce to use of useful skill.
  • It is weak in the physical attack and belongs to the hero for a low mobile phone.
  • Apparently, Lancelot still risks toward the high disable hero.

4 Strategies to Play Lancelot Hero

Let’s talk about the build items first before starting to play. Firstly, there is a Bloodlust Axe with + 70 Physical Attack and + 10% Cooldown Reduction. Secondly, Swift Boots to add 15% from the Lancelot’s ASPD. Next, there is a Hunter Strike wherein it can add +100 Physical Attack and +10% Cooldown Reduction. Blade of Despair is useful to add your ASPD and Physical Attack. Meanwhile, the last build item is Endless Battle with a Movement Speed and Lifesteal.

Now, it is really time to play but you should do it using 4 tutorial Lancelot 2019. Directly, here what to do:

1. Only use the Best Build Item

Use the item that you make alone as your best build item. It really gives a big influence on your Lancelot game.

2. Use exact Battle Spell

Many players recommend Retribution as the best battle spell as it is able to slow down your enemy movement.

3. Select right Emblem

Use Custom Jungle Emblem or Custom Assasin Emblem which is customizable according to your necessary.

4. Do not forget to use the Combo Lancelot

The Combo skill is useful to attack your enemies but you must know how to use it. You can start from skill 2 then go to Basic Attack and continue to Skill 3. Lastly, you stop in Skill 1.
It is very loss when you do not play Lancelot in your game. Just follow the fourth Lancelot Hero Guide in Mobile Legends and you can play properly.