Angela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – 9 Tricks to Arouse your Desire

Mobile Legends has many heroes inside one of them is Angela. She is a supporting hero which has many skills such as a Smart Heart, Love Waves, and HeartGuard. Angela hero guide in Mobile Legends as well explain that she attacks using Puppet-On-A-String skill. Do you know that this character not only has advantages to an attack her opponents? Later, this page will inform many things relate to the weaknesses too. So, your insight increases and you can play better. Angela hero in Mobile Legends guide gives cool tips to play especially for the beginners in Mobile Legends.

Angela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends: What do you should know?

You surely know that Angela is the supporting hero that is not too popular. Nonetheless, her ability cannot be underestimated. Moreover, Angela is able to counter Akai, Alucard, and Estes. On the other hands, this character has its enemies is that Lesley

and Lancelot. Indeed, Angela does not have many fans in this game because of the reason above. Besides that, they do not know that it has 4 advantages or features such as below:
1. High Magic Damage Ability

Angela is able to result in the last magic damage as big as the mag hero skill. She can do it if you combine between the skill 1 and 2 rightly. The calculation is skill 1 during 5 times plus skill 2 one time.

2. Full map

Full map support skill includes in skill 3 where it is useful to help her friends’ difficulty. Besides that, it is able to escape and fast moving such as a Battle Spell Teleport/ Arrival.

3. Excellent Gankin Hero

The ultimate skill gives superiority amount in lane and Angela can enter to her friend’s body.

4. Multi-functional or useful

Absolutely, it is the main advantages or feature from an Angela. She can give magic damage, slow effect, shield, and help friends on one map. You can also improve the movement speed, immobilized, and heal your friend’s phone.

So, how many weakness that hero Angela Mobile Legends have? It turns out there are 4 points appearing as the weakness of this hero. It includes:

  • Limited Crowd Control

Angela does not have a good CC skill to use in 5 vs 5 war.

  • Depend on the Team so much

The role support may cause disability for a team if the players cannot use the condition properly. It causes ineffectiveness during the game takes place.

  • Unmaximum Slow Effect

The healing effect and damage skill are very small. Also, the skill shot needs a direction to shot not in the auto lock.

  • There is a serious blunder potential in the Ultimate Skill

Angela only has one escape way is that through the ultimate skill. This character is potential to blunder when it enters another body and die because of the gank.

Times to Play Angela Hero in your Mobile Legends

Challenge your ability in playing this video game. Do not worry because this guide will help you with some tricks and tips. Okay, here are 9 tactics from this hero in Angela hero guide in Mobile Legends that you can follow:

1. Always in the top or bottom line as well never be alone. It only gives a big change for your enemy, great sniper, killer, or fighter to defeat you easily.

2. You have several seconds to cancel your animation with activating your ultimate skill.

3. The ultimate is able to delete the wave of minion quickly and attaches allies.

4. Tell to your team when you provide the last time period to debuff your enemy.

5. Save your Allies as fast as possible but do not use your last ability.

6. Angela hero guide in Mobile Legends here prohibits you to use your ultimate for a hero such as Hayabusa and Fanny.

7. Precisely, you have a good relationship with your allies to heal them with your abilities.

8. Angela has low health so pay attention to your health when you are fighting.

9. You as well must keep reducing your opponents’ speed and defense by piercing them from the early game.

At least, those things which you can do to win your game. The Angela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends here also recommends you to use the best build gear and Emblem set. Let’s play!