Best Marksman Heroes

In Mobile Legends, there are six different roles to use. They are a tank, fighter, assassin, marksman, mage, and support. From those roles, a marksman should be there in a team since this role will give a big impact to the team victory. To choose the best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends is a crucial decision. Therefore, you need to consider the best marksman mobile legends 2019 as a reference to pick the most suitable ones.

Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends to Make You Get Savage

The best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends will let you get maniac and also savage easily. It is a period of time where you kill 4 or 5 enemy heroes continuously. To get them is an interesting condition since it will be recorded in your battlefield record. Thus, it will also show your good quality in playing this game. Well, here are the kinds of best marksman mobile legends 2019 you can pick to help you get maniac and savage.

1. Karrie

The first best marksman in ML 2019 is Karrie. It has a special superiority that is high damage and attack speed. With this superiority, this hero can kill the tank, turtle, or even lord herself quickly. Moreover, when she has got the main items, she will give very high damage to any enemy. So, make sure to rise up her level as soon as possible and find more gold to buy the items needed. Try to keep the distance with the enemies and move fast while playing in the game.

2. Moskov

Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends

Similar to Karrie, this hero has a high-speed attack with deadly damage. The superiority of Moskov is able to attack more than one target simultaneously. When the enemies are on the straight line, all of them will get hit by this hero. So, he can kill more enemies in a period of time. He can deal with high physical penetration to the enemies. This condition will work better when he has reached level 15. Moreover, he has the ultimate skill that can shoot enemies from far away. It is useful to help the team from far to reduce the enemies’ blood.

3. Irithel

Irithel is a unique hero that can attack while moving. She can do it even though she makes a move backward. So, it will give benefit to her to run away from enemies and attack them if they chase her. Then, the ultimate skill from this hero is so painful to hit the enemy heroes. It can last for 15 minutes. So, you can hit any enemies with high damage that comes to you using this hero.

4. Clint

The next strongest marksman you can use is Clint. It has a unique passive skill that can increase the damage significantly. So, he can be a great damage dealer to your team. Then, the high damage he has, many pro players often purchase items that can give additional damage rather than attack speed.

5. Bruno

Bruno can give the deadly attack to the enemy with his critical attack. It can happen since his passive skill is able to add the critical attack up to 20%. So, it is beneficial for you to kill the enemy hero in a second, especially a single target. Besides, he has an ultimate skill that can deal damage continuously to a few heroes for a period of time. So, it is good to reduce or decrease the enemies’ blood little by little. After that, you can target the hero with the lowest blood to kill quickly.

6. Yi Sun-shin

This hero is suitable for you who are looking for the best Mobile Legends marksman. His superiority is the blood effect he has. When he attacks the enemies using his sword or skill, the enemy will get blood effect that can decrease his or her hit point in a second. Besides, he also has an ultimate skill that can attack all of the enemies simultaneously three times. So, this hero will give a big impact to your team when a team war happens.

7. Kimmy

Kimmy Hero Guide

Kimmy is a unique hero since it can attack while moving. It is almost similar to Irithel. It has superiority you can use on the battlefield. She can deal high damage on the early game and has a skill with a low cooldown. If you master this hero, it is easy for you to get maniac and even savage in the game.

8. Claude

This hero is the best hero in Mobile Legends 2019. He is a hero that is often used by many players in the ranked mode. In the mythical glory rank, this hero always occurs. It can happen since it is a hero with a unique skill and fast movement. He can steal speed from the enemies and deal with massive DPS. With his ultimate skill, he can give continuous damage to the duo’s surrounding area. So, it can be a deadly attack that can kill more than one enemy.

With the superiority and big impact on the battlefield, a marksman is a hero that must be picked. So, use the best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends mentioned above based on your needs and preference.