Harith Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Increase Your Ranked

Harith Hero Guide

Do you need a mobile legends hero with big damage while playing in ranked mode? If so, Harith can be one of the best choices for you. For you who have not recognized this hero yet, it is important for you to get Harith hero guide in Mobile Legends. This hero is very active and can make the opponent confused to chase him. So, that is why many pro players like to use this hero in the ranked mode. Do you want to be a pro player with this hero? Let’s check the tips Harith below.

Incredible Skills of Harith Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Before getting the tips, you should know the skills of Harith first. Thus, it will be easier for you to practice playing with this hero. After you master his skills, you can, then, find out the tips to maximize the role of this hero. Well, here is the skills of Harith hero guide in Mobile Legends to know.

1. Passive Skill – Key Insight

This hero gets insight from his key. With it, he reduces its time soon controlled by up to 70%. This condition happens based on the number of nearby enemies.

2. Skill 1 – Synchro Fission

With this skill, he creates a phantom of himself in the opposing direction. It releases Synchro Fission that deals with big damage to the enemy units on the path. When two Hariths fuse together, it will deal bigger damage to the enemy heroes in the explosion area.

3. Skill 2 – Chrono Dash

Like the name, this skill lets Harith frequently dash to the designed location. This skill makes Harith hard to catch or chase. When he arrives at the designed location, he will steal the magic attack of the nearby enemies. This condition generates a shield that can absorb damage from enemies. It will also enhance the next basic attack for him. The basic attack that is done after dashing is very useful to help Harith chase the enemies since it will make them slow 60%. Also, when this basic attack hit enemies, it will reduce the Chrono Dash’ cooldown by four seconds.

4. Skill 3/ Ultimate Skill – Zaman Force

With this skill, Harith uses the Key to summon the Zaman Force to the designed area. It will create a multi-dimensional rift on the field. When it happens, the cooldown of Chrono Dash will reduce by four seconds. The rift appeared on the field will also slow the nearby enemy heroes by 50% for a period of time. It is a good time to kill all enemies in the rift area quickly. If Harith uses Chrono dash on the rift area, he will absorb the energy within it. Also, this condition will reduce the cooldown of Synchro Fission and Chrono Dash by 1 second/ 3 seconds respectively.

Tips to Use Harith

Harith Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

After knowing his skills well, it is time for you to get the tips to play using this hero. Here we go.

1. Use the suitable emblem

Before going to the battlefield, you should consider emblem Harith. Well, Harith is a mage. So, it will be suitable for you to set magical or mage emblem. Those kinds of the emblem will support the magic power of Harith.

2. Choose the right items

To build Harith well on the battlefield, you should choose the right items. In this case, you should choose a few items that can support the magic power for him. You can purchase all the items needed by Harith in the magical shop.

3. Bring the helpful spell

A spell gives a big impact on the hero you use on the battlefield. For Harith, the recommended spell is “Retribution”. This spell helps him kill monsters in the jungle quickly and increase his level fast. When his level higher than the enemies, he will be able to kill any enemy heroes easily that approach him.

As a beginner player, to use Harith needs many practices. So, the explanation of Harith hero guide in Mobile Legends above will hopefully help you to master this hero quickly.