Balmond Hero Guide Mobile Legends -The Most Obligate Hero

The Bloodaxe Orcs that well-known as the heredity of the cross marriage between blood devils with the other devils. They have some awkward habitual where they use the mysterious magic to infect the animals bodies and their enemy with the blood. These group of people are the thirst for blood and loved to fight. Around them, there is the strongest people which called the Balmond. Now I will talk about Balmond hero guide mobile legends. The Balmond hero is one of hero fighter that usually use on the professional competition and including the category of the most favorite hero of the Mobile Legends player.

The Balmond ability was so great to be the off-tank hero and the damage potential are still stable even didn’t buy the additional damage item at all just because the exchange of the damage from the item is so small. With a strong Health Point (HP) and the AoE True damage attack from his ultimate skill, the Balmond hero could penetrate the enemies strategies and kill the most dangerous hero of the enemies team which hide on the back line.

Balmond Hero Guide Mobile Legends

The first Info Technology will explain you abut the superiority and the weakness of the Balmond hero on Mobile legends.

– The Superiority Of Balmond Hero

  • Strong enough to be the off-tank hero and to be the fighter hero.
  • By running out the true damage, the Balmond could kill his enemy even on the low Health Point (HP)
  • The cool initiator when the enemy exposed by the crowd control effect.

– The Weakness Of Balmond Hero

Can be killed with the Crowd Control Skill

  • Hard to against the enemy on the Early game.
  • The Skills Of The Balmond Hero On Mobile Legends

The Skill of Balmond Hero

And the next we will talk about the skill of Balmond hero so keep staying in Balmond hero guide mobile legends. Here are the skills of Balmond hero on Mobile Legends game:

1. The Bloodthird (The Passive skill)

The Balmond hero will get the Health Point (HP) regeneration for 4% of the total of Health Point (HP) that he have when he everytime kill the minion. Besides that, if he kills his enemy, he will get the Health Point (HP) regeneration for 10%.

2. The Soul Lock – Skill 1

This skill is to chase the enemy or to escape. When it has been activated, he will run to the determined area and crash the enemy that he has exposed and slow down their movement. The main point of this skill is his mobility skill, but for the damage that he produces isn’t too big. This hero will come over faster to the enemy and give the big physical damage for 150 -275 points to the hero enemies that he exposed. After the attack has been exposed to the target. He will stop and slow down the enemies movement speed up to 60% for 2.5 seconds. On the every wall on the map of Mobile Legends. You can use this skill for prenate that wall and give the shocking attack to the enemy.

3. The Cyclone Sweep – Skill 2

The next skill of this hero in Balmond hero guide Mobile legends is the cyclone sweep. This skill is the main source from the Balmond damage. He will rotates his ax on 3 seconds to give the physical damage for about 65-140 point to his enemy, minion or even the monster on the jungle around him. Even the number of the result doesn’t looks big but the damage from the skill will happen commonly if the enemies are still around the ax. This skill also has the effect of the critical chance or the damage that Balmond have.

4. The Lethal Counter – The Ultimate Skill

This is the scariest skill on the game. The additional damage that will produce is 20% from the Health Point (HP) enemies hero which gone as the True Damage it means that doesn’t infect by the enemies physical or the magic defense. Besides that, this skill has a wide area to expose 5 heroes at once on a team fight.

In this skill Balmond hero will run out his big ax then give the physical damage for about 350-650 point. Besides that, this skill will decrease the enemies movement speed up to 60% on 2 seconds. Sometimes, the player will use this skill to kill the dying enemy or even kill the Lord and the Turtle. The Balmond also useful for cheating the Lord or the Turtle that was hitting by the enemy. When the bar, the Lord or the Turtle blood remains 1 bar only. That’s the right time to use this skill. Don’t forget to direct this skill because, if there’s the enemy around the Balmond hero. You can direct this skill to the enemy then your effort will be fail.

Note :

Take the skill 1 at the first, then make it focus on the skill 2 because the main damage of the Balmond hero is in this skill. Lift up skill 1 or if you can’t lift up the skill 2 again, and of course, lift up the skill 3 every time i could be lifted.

The Build Item Of Balmond Hero

The next topic in Balmond hero guide mobile legends is the build item of Balmond hero. Here are the build item of Balmong, just check it out below:

The Cursed Helmet item

This has become the great choice for Balmond because this item could give the additional Health Point (HP) and the Magic Resist that Balmond needs. But the point here is it will give the additional damage to the all enemies around Balmond when he fights on the first line.

The Tough Boots item

It will increase the Balmond movement speed while giving the Magic Resist. Besides that, this item has an effect to reduce the crowd control effect duration that will be accepted by the hero up to 25%.

The Demon’s Advent item

The next item that you have to know in Balmond hero guide Mobile legends is the demon’s advent item. It will decrease the hero’s physical damage which attacks the Balmond up to -18% after attack 3 times. This is the most suitable for Balmond for becoming the main target on a team fight. Because it was put on the first line, especially to turn away the Marksman or the Assassin hero.

The Bloodthirsty King Item

It will make the Balmond so strong by the additional Health Point (HP). Besides that, for getting the regeneration up to 20 % Health Points effect if it get the kill or the assist.

The Immortality Item

it will make the enemy feel so hard to kill the Balmond because he will reborn and directly run to recover his Health Point (HP) that has gone or even run out his ultimate skill that hasn’t run out before.

The Blade Armor item

It will judge the Marksman and the Assassin those who attack Balmond by producing 25% of their damage becak to them again. This item could be changed if in the fact the enemy more focus on the Magic Damage.

So guys, those are the Balmond Hero Guide Mobile Legends game. Please share this article and like my fans page so that you can get updated info from this site directly. Good luck and Have a nice trying!

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