Aldous Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Features, Weakness, Build Items

Aldous Hero Guide

Aldous is the strongest fighter hero that is able to kill his enemies in one hit. It turns out this hero faces a lot of enemies so that the player keeps needing a good trick. However, Aldous hero guide in Mobile Legends here does not focus on the way to play. This page wants to reveal the features, weakness, and build items. It will offend a little about his hero enemies. Do not feel disappointed first to this guide Aldous Mobile Legends before finishing to read this information. You will find more precious things soon!

5 Features and 4 Weakness from Aldous Hero Guide Mobile Legends

Aldous Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

How many hero enemies you had ever faded during playing with Aldous? Apparently, this character is able to fight all marksman heroes and the close combat/ all fighter heroes. Even though, the war for those enemies takes place in the late game. Aldous also still faces Hayabusa, Hanzo, Helcurt, Lolita, Eudora, Gord, Vexana, Pharsa, Zhask, Vale, Valir, and Chang’s. On the other hands, this hero fights some other enemies with quite good performance. It is such as Fanny, Franco, Gusion, Harith, Hylos, Kaja, Karina, Lunox, Natalia, and Selena.

You might think that only knowing about the tips and trick to play Aldous is the most important things. Although you get the best one, the risk to fail is still big as long as you understand the weakness. Well, it is not fair to waste time with unimportant things so let’s see the features and the weakness below:


1. One Map Attack: Aldous has the ultimate skill to take aim and attacks the enemies directly where it sounds unique.

2. Magnificent Defense Skill: This feature comes from skill 2 which is able to give a short speed movement and immune.

3. Need One Shot to Burst Damage: Aldous is able to kill his enemies with one shot with 200 stacks.

4. Super Late Game Hero: In fact, Aldous becomes the strongest player in the late game.

5. Easy to use: It is easy to play because it is quite simple but keep serious.


1. Aldous plays very weakly in the early game.

2. It still has a minimum CC skill.

3. Aldous is as well weak so much with CC.

4. It needs time and this character always relies on the stacks.

2 Kinds of Aldous Build Items: Damage and Defense

Here, this page records two kinds of build items for the Aldous Hero. The build item Aldous Mobile Legends covers the damage and defense. Let’s reveal it:

Damage Build Items

1. Rapid Boots: It also calls as the magic shoes can add Movement Speed and additional Cooldown Reduction. It works very well on skill 2 and the ultimate skill.

2. Endless Battle: Apparently, it becomes the most suitable damage for this hero as it gives effective effects.

3. Thunder Belt: Providing strong defense capability and eliminating the problem of using Mana to Aldous. The slow effect on the law makes it difficult to run.

4. Berserker’s Fury: Able to produce large critical damage to Aldous.

5. Blade of Despair: Makes Aldous monsters capable of fighting a hero in one hit with the greatest damage.

6. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: Provides significant additional HP, gives a Lifesteal bonus and makes it more durable.

Defense Build Items

1. Thunder Belt: You had read the description above.

2. Warrior Boots: It is a choice to increase Movement Speed if you want to get additional Armor and better defense capabilities.

3. Antique Cuirass: It gives a strong defense bonus to make enemy attacks diminish.

4. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: The description of this Aldous Mobile Legends build item is same as above.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet: Gives extra large amounts of HP and HP’s regeneration bonus makes it last longer on the battlefield.

6. Immortality: Add Magic Defense and make Aldous safer to get into the middle of team fights. His ultimate ability can make him live again.

Okay, those are some information from Aldous Hero Guide in Mobile Legends. Thank you!