Helcurt Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Hunt Enemies Most Valuable

Helcurt Hero Guide

In Mobile Legends, there is always the most valuable player that uses a certain hero. It usually comes from a marksman or mage. Therefore, your team must have an assassin that can kill them quickly. In this matter, you can learn this Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends. Well, this assassin can easily kill the enemy with low hit points like mage or marksman. Besides, he also has a passive skill that can prevent him from getting burst damage from the enemy. So, it will be very effective to use Helcurt mobile legend to stop the dominance of the enemy team.

The Superiorities of Helcurt Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Helcurt Hero Guide

To make you get more interest in this hero, let’s see his superiorities in this Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends. Here we go.

1. Having Burst Damage

His second skill can give very high damage when the Deadly Poisoned Stinger is full. It happens from the early game. So, you can hunt every marksman or mage from the enemy team so that their level will not rise significantly.

2. Giving a Silence Effect

Every enemy hero that attacks him using a skill will get a silence effect. Thus, it will be difficult to disable Helcurt or even kill him.

3. Having a Great Skill 1

His first skill let him blink to the designed location very fast. So, it is useful to ambush any enemies or run away from them.

4. Having Annoying Ultimate Skill

The ultimate skill of Helcurt often annoys the enemies. It makes the enemy blind of the map and limits their sight. Thus, it will be suitable to lock the target and confuse the enemies’ hero movement.

The Most Recommended Helcurt Build to Use

To support his superiorities, you need to make the right build for him. So, make sure you purchase the best items for him. Here are the best items for Helcurt in helcurt hero guide Mobile legends.

1. Demon Hunter Sword

This item will increase the attack speed of him. Besides, it also gives him a life steal to survive. Thus, it will be helpful when Helcurt chase enemies.

2. Swift Boots

Like other boots, it will increase the movement speed of this hero. Also, this item can increase the attack speed of him.

3. Blade of the Seven Seas

It is effective to give additional physical attacks to him. Besides, it also adds his hit point so that he will not be easy to be killed while getting an attack.

4. Malefic Roar

While playing with Helcurt, this item will be beneficial since it gives additional physical penetration. So, it will support him well when he meets the tank or strong fighter.

5. Brute Force Breastplate

This item will make Helcurt really frightening to the enemy. Besides having high damage, it will also give a huge additional hit point. Thus, it makes this hero really difficult to kill.

6. Blade of Despair

To make this hero perfectly strong, it can be the last item to purchase. It provides very high additional physical attack and attack speed as well.

Recommended Emblem for Helcurt

In this Helcurt hero guide, you can know the right emblem to use while playing with him. What is it? Let’s check it out.

1. Custom Assassin

The first choice is Custom Assassin. It will support his role as the assassin of the team.

2. Custom Jungle

The second choice of the emblem is the Custom jungle. It will help him to kill the monster faster in the jungle. Thus, he will be quickly rich with gold buff and his level will increase faster as well.

Considering that an assassin is needed to hunt the damage dealer of the enemy hero, you can pick Helcurt on the draft pick. He will give a beneficial effect on your team while war or ambushing. To play right with this hero, you can see the Helcurt hero guide in Mobile Legends above and practice more.