Vexana Hero Guide Mobile Legends – The Best Hero to Curse Enemies

Are you a mage game lover? If so, Vexana Mobile Legends can be one of the best choices for you. As a mage role, this hero can give a significant effect on the team fight. To optimize her, you can follow this Vexana Hero Guide. In this explanation, you can recognize the superiorities of Vexana and tips to play with her. So, have a good look at the explanation below.

The Amazing Superiorities of Vexana Hero Guide

Before playing with this hero, you certainly need to know her superiorities. Thus, you can take benefits from it. Here are four superiorities that not all people know about this hero.

1. Give high burst damage area

This hero is perfect to give burst damage area to the enemy heroes. Her second skill is designed to give damage area that is possible to create massive damage.

2. Clear the wave of minions quickly

With the damaging area of her skill, she does need a long time to clear minion. With two or three casts of her second skill, the minions will be cleared.

3. Be strong in the early game

Like other mage heroes, this hero is strong in the early game. The skill has big power to deal damage to any enemies. So, make sure your team covers you with a tank. Thus, you can use Vexana best build to hit enemies freely.

4. Be a secure killer

With her ultimate skill, the enemy hero with a little blood must be killed although they run away. Every hero that gets her ultimate skill will not be able to heal, make hit point regeneration, or use life steal. That is why Vexana can be called a secure killer.

How to Use Vexana

When you need a Vexana high damage build, you should get the tips of using her. So, here are the right tips for you.

1. Don’t go alone

When you use this hero, remember to never go alone. Make sure you have a backup like a tank or a fighter. If you are alone, it will be easy for the enemy heroes to ambush you.

2. Use her skill appropriately

Her first skill is useful to make a crowd control to the enemy. So, make sure you use it first before casting another skill. When the first skill hits the enemy, you can immediately cast the second skill to give high burst damage. When the enemy still survives, you can make finishing with the ultimate skill. This skill will absorb the enemy hit point and bring out the enemy’s puppet when the target is killed. The puppet can be used to attack enemy heroes.

3. Position this hero behind the teammates

Considering this hero has a little blood, you should always position thus hero in a secure place. To stay behind the tank and fighter is the best choice for you. Thus, Vexana will not be able to receive damages from enemies.

4. Watch a video of user Vexana

In mobile legends, you can stream some videos from many pro players. You can choose a video with a certain hero. When you want to play well using this hero, you can watch the pro player that is playing with Vexana. So, you can see how they play and the items to use properly.

Well, that is all about the Vexana Hero Guide to share with you. Try to understand it more to increase your mastery of this hero.