Zhask hero guide in Mobile Legends – Recognizing His Skills

As a game lover, you must know the coming Mobile Legends new hero. From some heroes that come recently, Zhask can be one of the strongest heroes to use. He is a unique hero since he has four skills. To maximize him in the game, this Zhask hero guide in Mobile Legends will help you much. So, let’s see the explanation below to recognize all about this hero more.

A Few Skills to Share with You in the Zhask hero guide in Mobile Legends

First, you need to know all of his skills if you want to increase your gameplay with Zhask. After knowing them, you will, of course, be able to use them appropriately based on the situation at the right time. So, here are the skills of the Zhask hero guide in Mobile Legends to learn.

1. Passive Skill – Decimation

When Zhask dies or is killed, he orders the Nightmaric spawn to the self-explode. When it happens, it deals with 500 true damages. Well, he only has one death wish that is to destroy anything. This passive skill will scare any enemies that want to kill him, especially when their hit points are very low.

2. First Skill – Nightmaric Spawn

With this skill, Zhask will summon the Nightmaric Spawn’s physical form. It can be done in the designed location. The summoned Nightmaric Spawn cannot move at all. However, he can automatically attack all nearby enemies. It can launch a death ray at its target in every 2 basic attacks. It is very useful to help Zhask kill enemies and protect him from them.

3. Second Skill – Mind Eater

This skill makes Zhask fire penetrating mental missiles at the designed location or the targeted direction. When it is used, it will make the enemies in the path get high magical damage from him. Also, the Nighmaric Spawn will cast Mind Eater once as well.

4. Third Skill – Hive Clones

By using this skill, this hero will release a swarm of nightmaric clones in the targeted direction. Then, they will explode on the contact with enemy heroes. When it happens, it will give magic damage to the enemies. Also, it will reduce the enemies’ movement speed in 3 seconds.

5. Ultimate Skill – Dominator’s Descent

This skill lets Zhask substantially enhance the powers of Nightmaric Spawn. This condition increases all of his attributes. The enhancement of this skill scales with the level of this hero. This ultimate skill is very effective to deal high damage to the enemy.

Best Items for Zhask

In this Mobile Legends guide 2019, you can get the right items for this hero. Here they are.

1. Clock of Density

It will give additional magic damage.

2. Arcane Boots

This item will increase Zhask’s movement speed.

3. Feather of Heaven

Similar to Clock of Density, this item will give additional magic damage to the enemy.

4. Demon Hunter Sword

It is good to increase his attack.

5. Glowing Wand

This item can increase the magic damage of Zhask’s skill.

6. Holy Crystal

This item is the right choice to support the magic power of this hero.

Recommended Spells for Zhask

When you use this hero, there are two best spells to choose from. Let’s see them.

1. Flicker

This spell is strongly recommended for Zhask since it is useful to chase the enemies or run away from them constantly. With this spell, Zhask can teleport to the directed location.

2. Inspire

In this guide Mobile Legend, you are also suggested to use Inspire spell when you play with Zhask. It will increase his attack speed in a few seconds.

All of the explanation of the Zhask hero guide in Mobile Legends above will be useful if you understand them well. So, learn well and practice more to improve your mastery in this hero.