Hayabusa Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Bang Bang Guide

Are you an assassin user in Mobile Legends? If so, it is the right time for you to get closer to the Hayabusa hero guide in Mobile Legends. This hero is very amazing to kill the enemies very quickly. By using the right combo skill, it will be easy for you to get the most valuable player in the battle. It can happen if you are able to use this hero properly. Thus, the existence of Hayabusa guide 2019 will help you so much to master the role play of this assassin hero

well. So, have a good look at the explanation below.

Get to Know the Skills of Hayabusa Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Firstly, what you need to learn if you want to master this hero is to know the skills of Hayabusa. So, here are four kinds of his skill to master in the Hayabusa hero guide in Mobile Legends.

1. Passive skill – Ninjutsu: Shadow heal

With this skill, this assassin’s ninjutsu damage inflicts 1 shadow stack. Then, every stack of this shadow increases his ninjutsu damage by 5%. In this matter, this passive skill support this hero to be the silent killer to any enemy he meets.

2. Skill 1 – Phantom Shuriken

This skill lets Hayabusa throw three shurikens forward and they will travel back to this hero after flying in a certain distance. Every shuriken he throws deals 170(70% extra physical ATK) points of physical damage to enemies. The shuriken hit the enemies will also slow them and recover his energy by 10 points. The damage and regenerative effects of this skill will decay over time. Moreover, every level of this skill will grant him an extra 3% Spell Vamp. So, it will be effective to end the enemy blood or just poke to reduce the enemy’s blood by degrees.

3. Skill 2 – Quad shadow

By pressing this skill, you can make Hayabusa move to a designated direction. Besides, he will release a phantom behind him. If he hits an enemy in the path when you use this skill, this hero will suddenly stop. Then, he will release three phantoms that travel in different directions. When each phantom hit enemies, the enemy heroes will seep into them. This condition deals 60% point of physical damage. It will also slow them by 130(+30% extra physical ATK).

Then, it lasts 130(+30% extra physical ATK)s. Furthermore, there is a unique side of this skill. You can touch and use it again after this hero move to a certain direction. To use it again means Hayabusa will move back to a phantom’s location. If that phantom happens to be in enemy heroes, he will deal with extra points of physical damage to them.

4. Ultimate skill – Ougi: Shadow kill

With this skill, this hero will turn into a shadow and dash into the battlefield. He will deal five times of a single target enemy in a certain area. Each attack of him deals 160(90% extra physical ATK) points of physical damage. With this skill, Hayabusa will not receive any hero attack while being a shadow. Even a turret, it will not attack him in that condition. So, this ultimate skill is beneficial to deal with big damage without receiving any damage from enemies or turret. That is the benefit of using Hayabusa Mobile Legends for you.

Best Spells for Hayabusa

To maximize his role play on the battlefield, you should support him with the right spell. Here are the recommended spells of Mobile Legends Hayabusa guide 2019.

1. Retribution

This is the recommended spell for all assassin heroes, include Hayabusa. He needs to go to the jungle to kill every monster in order to get many coins and increase his level. The faster he collects coins, the better he will become the frightening killer on the battlefield. It can be so since you can buy the main item immediately if you can kill monsters quickly. So, this spell is very effective in helping this hero kill monster faster.

2. Flicker

This spell will help Hayabusa to run away from ganking or after losing in the team fight.
Well, that is all about the Hayabusa hero guide in Mobile Legends for you. Learn it well and practice more to develop your gameplay like pro players.