Gord Hero Guide Mobile Legends – Skills, Best Item Build and Game Play

Gord Hero Guide

For those who want to get a Gord hero guide in Mobile Legends, you can get the information here. Gord is one of the heroes in MLBB which has high magic damage. Unfortunately, not many players use this hero because they don’t know how about the build. The fact, Gord can be so deadly and great support because it has high damage power. All you need is just to understand the Gord Mobile Legends best build in 2019. Below you will also find the information about the skills and gameplay.

Gord Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Skill Combo and Item

The first thing that you should know is about the skills. As the basic skill or passive skill is called Mythical favor. Although it is a passive skill, but it deals with damage. It will also affect the target because it can add amplifier. While the subsequent ability damage will add an extra 10% damage. The stacking will up to 10 times, and last 5 seconds.

Skill 1 is called Mystic Projectile with the ability to throw a magic bomb. It can stunt the target and deal with 270 damage. The magic bomb also slower the enemy’s movement speed up to 70% lasting 2 seconds.

Next Gord hero guide in Mobile Legends is about skill 2 called mystic injunction.

This skill can summon a circle of energy to the enemy which deals magic damage. While the skill3 is called the ultimate skill of Mystic Gush. When you use this skill, Gord will shoot an energy blast for up to 3s. The enemies will also receive magic damage every 0.4 seconds and slowed by 10%. As an addition, this ultimate skill will be able to do a lot of damage from a very long range.

The next part on Gord hero guide in Mobile Legends is about the item build. Gord can be set by using enchanted talisman, arcane boots, holy crystal, fleeting time, ice queen wand and blood wings. Fleeting time is important for Gord because it will reduce the cooldown time of each skill.

But actually, you can change the items based on your emblem and the enemies’ item build. You can choose some different item if you think it’s suitable. Remember, if you use Gord to fight with a tank, you should choose the magic penetration.

Don’t forget about the spell. Most people will use Flicker to transport in a particular place and run from enemies. This is because Gord has a slower movement speed compared to other heroes.

Tricks on Game Play

There are some tricks to make your Gord works well and becomes the killer hero. One thing for sure, playing Gord should be working teamwork. Don’t play solo when you play Gord to increase the chance of winning.

When you on early game, you can activate the skill 2. The aim is to kill the minions so you can up your level and get the gold. Use the gold to buy the item. If you face the assassin player on the mid-game, use skill 1. If possible, you can directly use the ultimate after using skill 1. But this is conditional depends on the enemy’s build and the situation. While in the late game, always follow a tank or fighter. Prioritize dangerous enemies such as assassin.

That’s all about Gord hero guide in Mobile Legends. All you need is to learn more about the Gord and make sure you know how to deal with the enemy.