Hanzo Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Kill Easily With a Scaring Assassin

Hanzo is an assassin that a little bit difficult to play. Therefore, you need the Hanzo hero guide in Mobile Legends to improve your understanding of this hero. You need to know that this hero relies on a higher level and build items to dominate the battle. Without those two matters, he will be difficult to kill the enemy hero fast. However, you can figure out his reliance on those matters with his skills. They support Hanzo to farm and roam very quickly. Thus, don’t worry about his reliance. Let’s see the tips Hanzo Mobile Legend below.

Best Emblem for Hanzo Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

In relation to the tips, first, you need to decide the right emblem to support Hanzo on the battlefield. Thus, you can maximize his role

and ability. Here is the recommended emblem to use based on the Hanzo hero guide in Mobile Legends.

1. Custom Assassin

This emblem is very suitable for Hanzo since it gives the beneficial stat to him during the game. It let him get additional physical damage, penetration, cooldown reduction, and also movement speed.

2. Custom Fighter

If you do not feel so comfortable with Custom Assassin, the Custom Fighter can be the choice for you. it has a useful superiority that can help Hanzo to survive long on the battlefield. Yes, it is the Festival of Blood that is available on the level 3 talent of this emblem. By using it, the Hanzo hit point will regenerate every time he uses his skill. To make him get more HP regeneration, you can give the right build Hanzo 2019 that provides a life steal for him.

Useful Spells for Hanzo

A spell has a crucial effect on every hero, include Hanzo. So, make sure you choose the right spell for him. Here are the spells that will be suitable for this hero.

1. Flicker

This spell can be the first choice for this hero. It will be helpful when Hanzo is set in the normal mode where he has low mobility.

2. Petrify

When you feel confident to use this hero without a Flicker spell, you can try Petrify. It will disable the enemy hero from doing something for a few seconds. It is a good condition for Hanzo to kill the enemy with his second and first skill in the demon ninja mode. Hanzo can easily do it when the enemy is petrified.

Best Hanzo Build Items

For you who need a reference for Hanzo Mobile Legends build, you can follow the explanation below. It is the list of the right items to support Hanzo.

1. Rapid Boot

This item is good to increase the mobility of Hanzo. It will increase his movement speed significantly.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

It is the first core item to have by this hero. It adds his attack speed and additional physical damage.

3. Golden Staff

This item reduces the charge time of skill 1. Thus, it will be useful for Hanzo to farm faster. Besides, it gives one attack bonus that will work when this hero uses his skills on the demon ninja mode.

4. Blade of Heptaseas

With this item, Hanzo will be able to reduce the armor of his enemies while using skills. So, this condition will be useful in the team fight.

5. Blade of Despair

This item must be purchased for all assassin heroes, include Hanzo. It will increase the damage of the hero very high.

6. Immortality

The last item to purchase is Immortality. It gives more durability to this hero and gives the second chance to survive after being killed.

With this Hanzo hero guide in Mobile Legends, hopefully, you can increase the understanding of this hero. Thus, your gameplay will improve and give a good impact on the battlefield.