15 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android and iOS

Best Music Downloader Apps, Joox

Hello, guys! Here Info New Technologies would like to begin discussing about 15 best music downloader apps for Android and iOS. The expansion serving streaming music application likes Spotify and JOOX Music honestly make the music lovers got enjoy with it. You can also here the newest song by legal and free. If you wanna get the musical experience that free from advertisement and open the high quality of audio quality choices you can take the premium subscription (paid subscription).

The problem here is not all the Smartphone users have an over internet data packets, sometimes there are people that use the limit internet data packets. Moreover, free WiFi was put on in every corner and make the users get easier to use the free internet. And most of them when streaming the music only use the WiFi, they think that using the cellular network would diserve themselves. And here are 15 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android and iOS :

15 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android and iOS

1. JOOX Music

Best Music Downloader Apps

For the first rank of best free music downloader app 2019 is the JOOX Music. You can also download the songs which available on JOOX Music application especially for the JOOX premium. This music application including as the light application so that it can be used for many times, moreover it will show the lyrics of the song that were playing. You can also choose the streaming quality based on the quota users.

2. Spotify

Best Music Downloader Apps

As the second rank of best music downloader app for ios and android, Spotify and the music streaming application was recommended for the music lovers. Inside the Spotify music application there is the offline mode or it means like you could save your favorite song. The weakness is you just can play the song in Spotify Music application, but you can play it even in offline mode without any network connection. You can set the quality even it is normal or high quality, so you don’t need to be worry of your waste quota indeed.

3. 4shared

Best Music Downloader Apps

The third rank of 15 best music downloader apps for Android and iOS is 4shared music application. The 4shared music application is familiar around us. Basically, 4shared is the cloud storage serving, whereas you can save and share any files. Even that the 4shared music application was famous as the places to download MP3 without paid and has the complete song collection.

4. MixRadio

For the forth rank of best free music downloader for android 2019, there is MixRadio. Basically, the MixRadio music application is a music streaming Android, this application is close excited to be tried and you can make your favorite songs in offline mode. This application has the ability for knowing what is your music genre exactly after you use the MixRadio application and hearing the several songs. MixRadio music application also has the database of local songs even it is the famous artist or the indie Indonesia band which complete but unfortunately it was waste the quota usage.

5. SoundCloud

For the fifth rank is Soundcloud music application. Honestly, this music application has been old and as the funny places for streaming music. Basically, the SoundCloud music application has the offline mode so that you can choose to download your favorite song and here that for the next time, you don’t need to be worried okay.
This music application uses by an artists or DJ to promote the songs and the newest update song. There are many filters for the song and genre that you can be fit with your music taste. You can also download the free MP3 song here

6. µTorrent – Torrent Downloader

The sixth rank of best music downloader apps is µTorrent – Torrent Downloader. In this application, you do not only download the new song, but you can also download the games and the movie. You can download one song album at once and in this application, you can download in a big size easier and comfortable.

7. BitTorrent – Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent is the Torrent download application, whereas you can found your favorite songs easily and download in a big size on one album at once. Wherever and whenever you are, you can directly play it. Not only songs, you can download the movie and the game.

8. Anghami – Free Unlimited Music

For the eighth rank is Anghami. Here is the Anghami music downloader app. You can found and play your favorite music in a free in your smartphone or tablet. You can also watch the music video exclusive and found the music by every artist easier from the million Arabic library and international song. So, you can build your own libraries by submitting your favorite songs.

9. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

As the ninth of best music downloader apps is RockMyRun. Many people think and consider that music can be used as the strong motivation to increase your spirit and you can get it here. This music application made especially to serve several kinds of musics that created to give the motivation. The RockMyRun music application cooperate with the Best DJ in the world to make the playlist which giving act to your body. You will be more choices to enjoy the every sport exercise cause of the music from RockMyRun. It has been proved to increase your motivation and enjoyable until 35% when you’re in sports.

10. MP3 Music Search Pro

This application serves the free download MP3 and streaming if you don’t wanna complicated to download the song. This application is closes responsive, but the weakness here is not all the music can be download fluently. At least, this application can be the alternative for searching and download your favorite song.

11. MP3 Music Download

If you compare this application with the other application in out there, you get the differential, because this application has the generic name. But if we talking about the feature and stability, the MP3 Music download application quite superior if compared with the other. In another side, this application is the one of the application as the largest number of downloads because of their stability.

12. LangitMusik

LangitMusic offers the new way how to download music and streaming a song in legal and unlimited through Android Smartphone. You can free on downloading and streaming all the songs in LangitMusic catalog with more than 3.000.000 local and international music collection.

13. Mp3 Music Downloader

For the thirteenth is the Mp3 Music Downloader. This application has a different display. You can see how can I argue that this is different is on main font application they use the Comic Sans font. Even this application has a name quite general if paired with the others application. For the feature, this application also dependable to download the free Mp3 because of the result of complete searching and the stability that quite great

14. Simple MP3 Downloader Pro

For the Fourteenth of 15 best music downloader apps for Android and iOS is the Simple Mp3 Downloader Pro. If we talk about this application, the Simple Mp3 Downloader Pro has a great display. This application also shows the cover art well and the complete songs collection.

15. Download Manager for Android

For the last in 15 best music downloader apps for Android and iOS is Download Manager for Android. This application helps you to make it easier to download the song that was famous on the internet. For the example like download Love Yourself-Justin Bieber, Rihanna- Work, and many else.

Those are 15 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android and iOS. Including the cloud storage application, the streaming music application, until the downloader for the android smartphone. The point is just choose which application that easier.


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