Natalia Hero Guide in Mobile legends – The Silent Killer Hero

Many ML lovers like Natalia. This assassin hero is unique and mobile. As these hero lovers, they sometimes download Natalia mobile legends wallpaper provided on several sites. Are you one of these hero lovers? Of so, let’s see this Natalia hero guide in mobile legends. Well, this hero has a special passive skill that is to be invisible. This mode scares many players that use a hero with little hit point, like a marksman and mage. Natalia’s charge on the battlefield is to kill the damage dealers like a marksman or mage.

The Skills to Know of Natalia Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

If you want to master this hero, you need to know her skills. Thus, you can use them at the right time with appropriate positioning. If you have ever learned the Natalia guide 2018, it can be a little bit different with this guide. It can happen since Moonton has reworked this hero. Here are her skills to share with you in the Natalia hero guide in mobile legends.

1. Passive Skill – Assassin Instinct

When Natalia attacks the enemy heroes from behind, she gives an additional 15% damage. Then, when she enters and stays in the brush for two seconds without taking any damage, she will be invisible. It is called a stealth mode that lasts for 5 seconds. When she entered this mode, her movement speed will increase by 20%. Besides, her basic attack will also increase by 35% and this condition will give silent effects to the enemies. The effects last for 2 seconds. This condition is beneficial for her to kill the enemy she desires as soon as possible without getting any counter-attack.

2. First Skill – Claw Dash

By using this skill, Natalia will move in the designed direction. This movement will also produce physical damage. After being successful in attacking the enemy, this skill can be used again.

3. Second Skill – Smoke Bomb

This skill lets this hero smoke somewhere. By throwing the smoke to the location where the enemy hero stands, it will give a slow effect 65% to him/her. When Natalia enters the smoke, her attack speed will increase significantly. Also, in this condition, she can dispel all the basic attacks of the enemy hero.

4. Ultimate Skill – Cold-Blooded Strangling

When she uses this skill, she will issue a few attacks ahead. The attacks produce a little high physical damage. Besides producing damage, the attacks will also slow down the enemy’s movement by 65%.

Best Build for Natalia

To increase her mobility in killing the enemy heroes, you need to buy some items while playing using this hero. Here is the best build for NATALIA mobile legends 2019. Let’s check them out.

1. Swift Boots

It is used for increasing her movement speed and attack speed.

2. Scarlet Phantom

It is useful to increase her physical attack, attack speed, and critical strike chance.

3. Endless Battle

This item will give many additional benefits. They are a physical attack, mana regeneration, hit point, cool down reduction, movement speed, and her life steal.

4. Berserker’s Fury

When you buy this item, it will give additional physical attack and critical strike chance to Natalia.

5. Wild of Nature

This item is useful to support her skills. It can increase her physical attack and attack speed. Besides, it will give an extra Lifesteal.

6. Blade of Despair

This is the last item to purchase. With it, Natalia can give extra high physical damage to the enemy. It will also increase her attack speed.

As an assassin hero is strongly needed in the battlefield to kill enemy fast, this hero is strongly recommended to choose. To get a better understanding of this hero, you can learn the Natalia hero guide in mobile legends above well.