Esmeralda Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Unique Hero and Most Hybrid

Have you met Esmeralda, the new Tank hero? Seemly, it is not late yet to come closer to her because she has just arrived on April 3, 2019. It implies Esmeralda hero guide in Mobile Legends today does not late to inform many things. The most important thing is she is the semi tank hero mage who is unique and most hybrid. It as well includes as the multi-talented hero because the attributes and the role can coverage all roles. Well, let the guide Esmeralda Mobile Legends makes clear all. So, you can master her in detail.

Esmeralda Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Opponents, Teammates, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Soon, perceive who Esmeralda is! You should know her teammates, opponents, advantages, and disadvantages. That knowledge, definitely, will be your basic step to play this pretty heroine. Esmeralda plays well with Lolita

, Belichick, and Angela but she must be careful toward Guinevere, Hayabusa, also Karrie. On the other hands, she fights strongly the Johnson, Hanabi, and Diggie. Roughly, those are the teammates and the opponent of Esmeralda. Meanwhile, the advantages are:
  1. The blood on this hero is thick (It is because she is a Mage).
  2. Good survive system
  3. Esmeralda has two types of damages wherein both make her enemy confused to protect itself.
  4. With the strong damage area, she is able to fight 1 vs 1.
  5. Easy to use
  6. Esmeralda is ideal to play in all phases

Then, the new hero Esmeralda complete guide here inform 3 weakness:

  1. Esmeralda is unable to chase the opponents or move slowly.
  2. It is still a minimum CC skill.
  3. Apparently, it does not have AoE Damage on her skills
  4. The role of the hero is hybrid and awkward.
  5. It less of Crowd Control when you set her as Tank
  6. The ultimate skill often misses the target.

Tips, Tricks, and How to Play Esmeralda

Before playing this character, you must know the build items and skills. Well, there are 6 items to build Esmeralda Mobile Legends. They are Demond Shoes, Feather of Heaven, Concentrated Energy, Calamity Reaper, Glowing Hand, and Immortality. Custome Mage, Custom Support, Flicker, and Sprint still become its tools too. Meanwhile, Esmeralda has one Passive skill (Starmoon Casket) and 3 other skills. They are the skill 1 is Frostmoon Shield, skill 2 (Stardust Dance), and skill 3 (Falling Starmoon).

Could you guess, what is next? Of course, the guide of Esmeralda hero Mobile Legends is ready to inform the tips and tricks. Exactly, there are 7 points to attention such as below:

1. Use Esmeralda as pure mage because it will more maximize the skills here.

2. Maximize the performance of skill 2 because it is as the main attack and damage for her.

3. Before using skill 2, use skill 1 first to improve the survival ability.

4. Have a close distance when you want to absorb the opponent’s shield change to her blood.

5. Find the bush to release your ultimate skill to prevent the enemy from knowing her bro.

6. Esmeralda is risk toward the opponents with Crowd Control so always use a shield to protect.

7. Keep practice and watch the Esmeralda video pro or live streaming.

Times to play from the early game until the late game

Early game

Here, you get two choices wherein you can go on the desired lane direction or accompany the bot lane. The second choice has one purpose is that taking buff but you just accompany it. However, increase your skill 2 to harass easily and make the enemy overwhelmed.

Mid game

You should have two build items is that Demond Shoes and Feather of Heaven. They will be your core besides that see the condition on the map. When you can roam, back up your team who need your help.

Late game

Start to initiate the game with the build items. So, you can fight 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 but keep getting back up from her teammates.

Certainly, Esmeralda hero guide in Mobile Legends above is not only complete. However, it is as well easy to understand and practice. So, let’s play!