How to Root Android Without PC By KingoApps – Download Kingoroot

Root android is a system that has absolute access, execute all files like command, system. In fact, this root has unlimited access that you can change, delete, add, even damage all of file or app that’s running on our Android phone. Sometime ago I shared article of How to Root Android without PC by Framaroot, but now Info Technlogy will share article about how to root android without PC by KingoApps or Kingoroot and you can download kingoroot here. This app is one of best app to root your device so many people used this app to root their device and this app have one click root method.

This app can be used to root windows phone but I think can’t be used for iOS phone. First time, You have to check compatibility of your phone, what do your phone compatible with the app, it’s KingoApp.  Before you root your android phone you have to make sure your phone is compatible with this app because sometimes there is android phone is not compatible with this app. After you check your phone android that your phone is compatible with this app please download Kingoroot and install this app. Follow all of steps below :

How to Download Kingoroot and Install Kingoroot / KingoApps.

1. You can download Kingoroot by your smartphone directly or download Kingoroot by computer. (If you download Kingoroot by computer you must send the app to your smartphone before install)


2. After download Kingoroot please you look for the app and click the file for installing and wait the process until finish.

Root Android without PC by KingoApps

3. When finished install, please click the app to open it and wait a minute.

How to Root Android without PC by KingoApps/Kingoroot

1. If the app opened, click One Click Root to begin root android without PC by Kingoroot.

Root Android without PC by KingoApps

2. Wait the process of root Android without PC by KingoApps until finish, until 100%.

root android without pc by kingoroot

3. And then wait the installation process of root android without PC by kingoroot until finish. And if it succeeded, the screen will show like below:

root android with kingoroot, Download Kingoroot

4. After installation succeeded, please close the app and restart your Android.

How to Check Rooted Android

1. After installing please check your root by SuperUser app.

2. Thanks for read how to root android without PC by KingoApps / Kingoroot and Download Kingoroot here. Also please read other article in this blog and please share this blog if this article helped you to finish your problem.

3. If your phone is not compatible with this app you can try other app such as Framaroot or Kingroot.

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