Vale Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Know the Excess and Lak of Him

Vale is known as the wind taker hero. He is categorized as a mage hero. With the mage role, he has some excesses in the team war. The team with Vale will get so many benefits, especially while making a gank for an enemy. To know more about him, read Vale hero guide in Mobile Legends below. You will know what to do or avoid with Vale Mobile Legends guide after reading his excesses and lacks below.

The Excess and Lack of Vale Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

In the Vale hero guide in Mobile Legends, you will find the excess and lack of it. Do you have a desire to know them? If it is so, let’s check them out well!

The Excess of Vale Hero Guide

There are three excesses of the Vale hero guide that you can know. Here are they.

1. Flexible mage

The first excess is having a flexible mage. In this case, there are two kinds of mage heroes. The first type is burst damage and the second one is a crowd controller. Then, this kind of hero can upgrade both skills freely, burst damage and crowd controller.

Moreover, when you reach level 4, 6, and 8, what can you do? Yea, you are able to upgrade on skills 1, 2, and 3. It is like that in order to improve the skill’s ability. They can be increasing damage or increasing the control area.

2. Easy to play

The last excess of this Mobile Legend new hero is easy to play. Many players of mobile legends classified this hero to be an easy one to play. Even, this gameplay is fun enough. However, you must remember something. What is it? Yea, the most important thing is that the players are able to spam skills throughout the game. Besides, it is also to keep a safe distance.

3. Burst damage one shot

In this second excess, the players are able to trap the enemy using crowd control. Besides, they can also provide them using burst damage. Actually, there is the main key in this excess. Yea, the players are very suggested to recognize what skills to upgrade. It is of course based on the enemy team composition and also the circumstances.

The Lack of Vale Hero Guide

Besides the excess, there is also some lack of this hero. Here are the available for you.

1. Low mobility

The first lack of Vale hero that you should know is low mobility. It means that the speed of the movement from this hero is slow. It is especially in the last update, this hero received buff on the passive skill. Actually, this skill is able to provide the extra movement speed. Besides, this hero does not have escape skills between three skills. Thus, in order to solve this problem, the players of mobile legends have to take shelter behind the tanks and also play safely.

2. Skill 1 is difficult to target enemy

Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because skill 1 gives a damaged area in the horizontal line form. That is why this skill is difficult enough to regard the enemy. Thus, the players are allowed to increase the skill opportunity using an upgrade. It is like that in order to widen the attack area.

3. Very much depends on the team

Last, the third lack of this hero mage Mobile Legend is that he depends on the team so much. It is like that because this hero is slow. Hence, it is better for him not to go forward alone so that he still depends on the existing team. Please remember that the players should find the right position when they play using this hero. So, it will be difficult for them to be the target of the enemy.

That information above is about the excess and lack of Vale hero guide in Mobile Legends. It can be your consideration to use this hero or not when you play this game.