5 Important Items For Fighter Hero in Mobile Legends

If you wanna fight in a close direction in Mobile Legends, the Fighter hero is the most right choices for you. Usually, the hero of this type has the high attack and the great defense. The fighter hero in Mobile Legends is proper to break the enemies concentration and finish the war. Do not think that the fighter has been perfect even it had the high attack and the great defense. This hero still needs the additional item to make their own skill strengthen and make the enemies get worried. And here are the 5 important items for fighter hero that you have to buy for the fighter hero in Mobile Legends.

5 Important Items For Fighter Hero

1. The Rapid Boots

Even several fighter heroes in Mobile Legends has a fast movement, you also still need the additional item to speed up the heroes movement. And here there are the Rapid Boots. The Rapid Boots are a right item for the Fighter like Bane or Hilda that their movement needs to speed up.

The 50 movement speed addition will make your hero being nippier to chase the enemy. Moreover, if you are using the Roger hero that has the skill to postpone the enemies movement. Your enemy must be are easy to be caught at once with the additional point from the Rapid Boots.

2. The Cursed Helmet

For making the fighter defense more stronger, you need to use this item. This item as the complete. The Cursed Helmet item gives the big enough Health Point addition for about 920 points and the 50 Magic Resistance that can make your fighter hero can fight the mage with the highest damage like the Eudora. The Cursed Helmet will increase your power to defense from the mage attack with his high magic attack.

3. The Demons Advent

The next of important items for fighter hero is the demons advent. The advantage of using the Demons Advent item for the hero fighter like the Balmond is you will have the extra defense level. When the Balmond gets the attack, the damage will be decreased. The Demons Advent gonna give the Health Point addition for about 920 and for the regen is 30 Health Point addition. It makes the hero defense getting strength even getting the attack for many times. Besides that, this item also gives the armor addition for about 54.

4. The Bloodlust Axe

the Bloodlust Axe item will turn back the hero Health Point that almost dying to be full again at once. And of course, this item also need for all the heroes. Even the fighter hero has the high defense but they also need the enough Health Point (HP). Besides that, the Bloodlust Axe also could give the 70 Physical attack addition and decrease the cooldown to 20% that can make you comfort to show off your skill.

5. The Rose Gold Meteor

the Rose Gold Meteor item is the last item that you can use to fight your enemy. Especially, for the mage type. This item adds the 60 physical attack, the 30 magic resistance and 5% life steal. The hero fighter like the Alucard and the other is really need this item when they face their enemy in the dying Health Point (HP).

So that, those are the 5 important items for fighter hero in Mobile Legends. The function of that item is for the increase and the optimize the skill of the hero fighter that you used. Hopefully, it would give a lot of benefits.

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