Roger Hero Guide in Mobile Legends Games – A Killer Werewolf

This is the kind of fighter hero. If the gamer chooses him as their hero, they are absolutely in a right way. Why? Because he has a thick Health Points (HP) and also has a huge damage. This hero lives in outside the dark forest in East Megalith Wasteland. Roger is a humble hunter because he has a lot of experience and looking for charity. In another side the are so many dangerous animals but around them, there is the strongest one, that is White Tooth, the old werewolf who lead a hundred werewolf. Let’s continue to know about roger hero guide in mobile legends.

They are a hunter without any mercy and the White Tooth also receives the dark ability from a bad strength which enhance a magic skill entire their life. To fulfill their hunter needs, they are continuously spread out outside the dark jungle lane. They also often fight the visitor who walks around there. So that, with the power of justice, Roger power plan to kill out this disturber and watch any other White Tooth plans.

Roger Hero Guide in Mobile Legends Games

One day, Roger caught a blind White Tooth when they were eating a little girl and cut her stomach. It is right that Roger could kill White Tooth , but unfortunately that an immoral strength which hides inside White Toot contaminate the hunter. Even though, the purest heart who pray in every night could not deny to become a werewolf in a full moon. Under the moon, Roger hero was surprisingly that the old legend was truly happened on him, that has become the Werewolf. So that, to avoid in order he is no losing his mind, he chooses to run and escape as far as he can from everything around him especially from his family.

Build Item of Roger hero

So now, these are the most usage build item that Roger hero often to use, here we go:

– The Rapid Boots: this is a boot that will give you movement speed for 50 points.

– The Scarlet Phantom: this item will give you an add physical attack for 30 points, attack speed for 40% and the possibility critical attack for 10%. The advantage of using this item, when you succeed to give the critical attack, your attack speed will increase for 25% and increase the critical possibility for 5% in 2 seconds.

– The Endless Battle: This item shape as trisula that will help you to increase the physical attack for 65 points, a mana regeneration for 25 points, the Health Points for 250 points, decrease enemy’s cooldown skill duration for 10%, increase the movement speed for 5% and give the lifesteal skill for 15%. The most unique of this item is after you use the skill, the next basic attack will get the addition for about 85% physical attack as the True Damage. This effect has cooldown duration for 1,5 seconds. When that effect happened, your movement speed will increase up to 15%.

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– The Berserker’s Fury: by using this item, you will get the physical attack addition for 65 points and increase the critical attack possibility for 25%. The special one form this item is you can increase the critical damage from your attack for 40%. When you have succeed to give the critical attack, you will get an additional physical attack for 5% in 2 seconds.

– The Blade of Despair: a green sword will give you addition physical attack for 170 points and increase your attack speed for 10%. The greatest one of this item is giving the extra 10% damage to the enemy on the un-normal condition likes the stun, throw the air and so on.

– The Immortality: the shape of this gold shield will give you an addition Health points for 800 points and it will increase your magic resistance for 40 points. The unique one form this item is it could make you alive in 2 seconds after you died and you will get Health Points for 15. Besides that, you will also get the protection that will take the damage for 300 up to 1000 points in 3 seconds. The effect of this item is have a cooldown time in 180 seconds.

The Skill of Roger Hero in Roger Hero Guide

So if we have been talking too much about let’s move the skill that Roger hero owned.
Roger hero has 3 kinds of skills those are:

1. Active skill : it is functioning as he become a human being.

2. Skill 1: to change to become a werewolf or even turn back to human again.

3. Passive skill: in every different shape of him.

So here are the more detail skill of Roger Hero in Mobile Legends Games

– The Full Moon Curse (Passive Skill)

When Roger becomes a human, in his every basic attack it will slow down the enemy walk speed for 20%. When he becomes a werewolf, his basic attack will add more damage equally with the lost of the enemy’s Health Point it also can add up to 60 points for the Jungle monster.

– The Open Fire (Skill 1: Human)

Roger w]hero will shoot twice to the target who will give him physical damage for about 300/ up to 120% total physical attack points. The first hunter nets will slow down the enemy’s speed and for the second, it will slow down the enemy’s defenses for 10 points.

– The Hunter’s Steps (Skill 2: Human)

Enhance the movement speed of Roger hero for 50% in 2,5 seconds

– Wolf Transformation (Ultimate Skill: Human)

Roger will turn become a Werewolf. When he attacks the enemy, he will give a huge physical damage for 200(up to 100% Extra Physical Attack) points and enemy’s movement speed slowdown for 90% in 1,5 seconds. Change to become a hero will increase his physical and magic defenses for 25 points and enhance his movement speed for 25 points.

– The Lycan Pounce (Skill 1: Werewolf)

Roger hero will jump to the target and give the physical damage for 300(+120% Total Physical Attack) points until 3 enemies. When he has got killed or an assist, the cooldown for this skill will decrease for 805.

– The Bloodthirsty Howl (Skill 2: Werewolf)

Roger hero will be howling to increase his attack speed for 15% in 4 seconds. When he still in this skill effect, if there is an enemy who has a Health Points under 40% on the Roger hero overview, it will increase his speed movement for 50%. In addition, by doing a basic attack to the enemy in werewolf mode, it will add the duration from this effect skill.

– The Human Restore Form (Ultimate Skill: Werewolf)

Well, A Roger hero will roll over to the direction that he want and change become a human. After that, he will get such a protection that will absorb a damage for 200(+200 Extra Physical Attack) points in 1,5 seconds.

As a suggestion, when you use Roger you need to try to hurt your enemy slowly and step by step, because in a human mode, Roger hero can shoot the enemy from far direction. After that, you have to turn becomes a werewolf sake for catch them up and kill them. When this hero become a werewolf it’s a good chance for him to kill out the enemy who were dying because of Roger could catch up while increasing his movement speed. He can also enhance his attack speed when he use Bloodthirsty Howl so that he will immediately tearing his enemy into apart. But when Roger hero in a danger position , he could turn back to the human mode and escape by using his Skill 2 that Hunter’s Steps.

Battle Spell which proper to use by Roger hero is the Retribution for doing Farming quickly or the Battle Spell Inspire to increase his attack speed. By using the Inspire and also the Bloodthirsty Howl from Roger, you will get an additional attack speed which immediately and deadly.

if you get excited after watching those Roger hero guide in mobile legends, hopefully it will give you some beneficial and goodluck.