Freya Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Knowing Her Superiorities

Hi Mobile Legends lovers? Do you need a strong fighter for your team war? If so, Freya can be the best choice for you. This hero can both defend and attack well if you can play with her appropriately. For you who are learning to use this hero, you can follow this Freya hero guide in mobile legends carefully. In this guide, you will know her superiorities and get the best Freya build mobile legends 2019. So, have a good look at the explanation below.

Great Superiorities of Freya Hero Guide in Mobile Legends You Need to Know

By knowing the superiorities, you will be able to use this hero appropriately. Thus, you can optimize the role of this hero on the battlefield. What are they? Let’s check the explanation below to know her superiorities of Freya Hero Guide in mobile legends.

1. Having big burst damage

The first superiority of this hero is having big burst damage. With it, she can kill her enemy quickly. You can make it happen easily when this hero has a higher level and better build than the enemy. So, try to always be careful every time you play with Freya. When this hero is never killed in the early game, she will be faster to get a higher level than the enemy.

Then, the high burst damage of her will come when she enters the Valkyrie mode or when you use her ultimate skill. In that mode, she can deal damage area to the nearby enemy heroes with her basic attack. This condition is very good to support your team to win the team war.

2. Dealing stun area

Freya 2019 is also good to create a crowd control to the enemy. All of her skills can do it well. So, this hero is very suitable to support your team in a war. Moreover, you need to know that her first skill can pull an enemy to the center when she jumps.

This condition stops the enemy movement in a second. Then, she has a second skill that can give a stunning area on the third hit. The last, she also possesses an ultimate skill that can give a slow effect while it is active. So, all of them have a big impact on the team fight.

3. The real hero for war

This hero can be said as the goddess of war. It can be so since this hero can strongly attack many enemy heroes and has good durability. In the team fight 5 vs 5, this hero can make your team dominate the battlefield.

4. Strong in the early game

Freya Hero Guide in Mobile Legends 2019 is strong in the early game. When she has reached level 4, her strength will be more superior than the enemies. It can happen due to her given bonus of buff when she activates her ultimate skill.

Best Build for Freya Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To support her ability, you need to give her the right items in the game. Here are the items you need to buy while playing with this hero.

1. Haas’s Claw

The first item you should buy for Freya is Haa s Claw. It will give a life steal effect to this hero. Thus, she will get a hit point regeneration every time she gives a basic attack to the enemy.

2. Swift Boots

Every hero must have a boots item. It can increase movement speed. For Freya, the appropriate boots are Swift Boots. Besides increasing her movement speed, this item will also increase her attack speed.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

This item will increase her physical and attack speed. With this item, she will also get a potential life steal. So, when her hit point begins to decrease, she does not need to go back to the base.

4. Berserker’s Fury

With this item of Freya Hero Guide in Mobile Legends, she will get bigger critical damage to attack the enemy. With this item, she can shut down the enemy faster.

5. Blade of the 7 Seas

It is an item attack for this hero that will also give an additional hit point to her. Besides, this item is also useful to reduce the physical defense of the target.

6. Immortality

This item is suitable to support all of the initiator heroes that go in the front as a fighter, include Freya. It gives a high additional hit point and makes her revive after being killed. In this condition, she will also get a little hit point bonus after reviving. So, it is very suitable for her that becomes the front hero to receive much damage from enemy heroes.

That is all about the Freya hero guide in mobile legends you can learn. Recognize the superiorities and best items well to make her unstoppable on the battlefield.