Ruby Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – A Fast Method to Win the Game

Ruby Hero Guide

Everyone has known what Mobile Legends is. It is a game in which all people around the world play. It is kind of online game so you need an internet connection to play this game. To play it, you have to join the teammate because it needs some players to start the game. As a beginner, you need to choose the hero. Ruby is an appropriate hero for female players. If you are a newbie and want to play it, you need to read Ruby hero guide in mobile legends here. Well, we are going to explain Ruby hero guide in mobile legends 2019 for you also. Let’s check it out below!

Understand Ruby Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The Ruby hero guide here will include Ruby’s skill build, item build, and battle spells and emblems’ set. Of course, we will inform you Ruby hero guide in mobile legends for a beginner. Let’s take a look about it in this following detail!

1. Ruby’s skill builds

It may bring you to reach level 15 as long as you know how to play her well. Her sill’s build is divided into five parts including Laning, team fight, early game, mid game, and end game. In Laning, you must possess a crowd control, sustain, and utility. Do not be afraid of losing a Horse Power while attacking the enemy. When you play as a teammate, you’d better take the advantage of AoE damage and disable which Ruby has to use as both offense and defense.

Playing an early game, it is recommended to buy the jungle basic items to avoid wasting diamonds. Also, it is good to experience the weapon first. In the mid game, you need to assist your team to get more ganks to get the demond for your allies. In the end game, you’ve already become a king so you need to stay close to the enemy to attack them directly.

2. Item Builds

Mobile legends ruby hero guide may be divided into two items. They are core items and situational item. The immortality, warrior boots, bloodlust ax, blood armor, bloodthirsty king, and demon’s advent are the core items. Use the immortality to get HP and magic resistance. For having the armors, use your warrior boots. If you want to get cooldown reduction and physical attack, use your bloodlust ax. To play as a teammate, use your blood armor, bloodthirsty king, and demon’s advent. For situational items, it includes a cursed helmet, deadly blade, endless battle, dominance ice, Athena’s shield, Oracle, and brute force breastplate. Mostly, the player uses the endless battle more often because it has a lot of benefits. It includes adding more HP, physical attack, life steal, and magic.

3. The battle spells and emblem set

Reading the guiding Ruby mobile legends, you will know information about the battle spells and emblem set, you will see many options. They are the flicker, petrify, sprint, and retribution. There will be brave smite, tenacity, and steady as a rock as Ruby’s tank and fighter weapon. If you are a pro, you could use flicker to turn the enemy to be your friend. To harm other heroes, you can use petrify. If your HP is low, you could run away you’re your attacker by using sprint. Finally, use your retribution to gain gold and other items fast.

Ruby’s Pros and Cons

Ruby Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

There are the pros and cons of using this Ruby hero!

1. Pros. Ruby has really good crowd control and damage in AoE. She is also completed with full mobility, sustains, and utility. Therefore, even though she is an off-tank hero, she may be able to take the lead!

2. Cons. Ruby has also some minus sides. First, she is squishy. She can be brutal in attacking others. Once you can’t control her, you may also harm your teammates. To get Ruby, you must require many diamonds. She is expensive, super expensive!

Except for Ruby hero guide in mobile legend, you must still read other hero guides so that you can play all well.