Alpha Hero Guide in Mobile legends – Best Fighter with High Damage

Alpha Hero Guide

Hi ML lovers! Do you need a strong fighter hero in your team? If so, Alpha can be the best choice for you. He is categorized as a brusher. He can give high damage to the enemies. If you are interested in using him, you can consider this Alpha hero guide in Mobile legends. To make him a perfect killer in the battlefield, don’t forget to learn the Alpha build Mobile Legends 2019 below.

Best Build of Alpha hero guide in Mobile legends

Alpha Hero Guide

As a hero that depends on the items, you need to consider the best build for him. Thus, he will be effective to use in the team fight. He will be strong and is not easy to die. Here are the main items to choose for the Alpha hero guide in Mobile legends.

1. Demon Shoes

In the early game, Alpha needs this item so much. It will give mana regeneration and additional movement speed. As a hero that uses mana for his skills, to get an item that can produce mana regeneration is important. So, make sure you purchase this item. Besides, to walk faster is important when the level of this hero increases. Thus, to buy the Demon Shoes is a must if you use this fighter.

2. Bloodlust Axe

This item will increase the damage of Alpha. So, it is the second choice you should buy after demon shoes. Besides, it will also give cooldown reduction pf his skills. It is important to make the skills available faster after use.

3. Endless Battle

You should buy this item in the mid-game. It is useful to add his physical attack point, mana regen, and hit points. Besides, it will also increase the cooldown reduction, movement speed, and life steal. In this matter, the item will be useful to help Alpha become the front fighter with a tank to smash the enemies.

4. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Hero Alpha Mobile Legend needs this item to add his hit point. It will give so high hit point to any hero buy this item. So, it will help Alpha to survive longer in the team fight. Besides, this item also adds little physical attack points and cooldown reduction. So, make sure to have this item if you need to make this hero stronger and get a shorter cooldown reduction.

5. Rose Gold Meteor

When Alpha has this item, his physical attack will increase. Also, he will get an additional life steal. Thus, it will be useful to make Alpha effective in attacking and dealing high damage without being afraid to die easily.

6. Blade of Despair

This item will make the damage of Alpha so high. In the late game, it will be useful to support this hero to be a damage dealer for your team. With the high additional physical attack, it will be perfect for him to always give deadly combo skills to any enemies.

Recommended Emblems for Alpha

To maximize his role, you need to choose the best emblem Alpha Mobile Legend. So, here are two emblems you can choose to use in this game.

1. Custom Fighter

The first choice that is recommended for you is the Custom Fighter. It will be suitable as Alpha’s role is a fighter.

2. Custom Jungle

Fighters need to go to the jungle to kill the monster to get much gold and increase their level quickly. When you use Alpha, you need to do it to make his level higher than the enemies. You can do it to also make this hero get more gold to buy the items needed. To support it, you can use the Custom Jungle emblem.

Since a fighter is important to go to the front line of the team fight, Alpha can be the first hero to use. To master this hero more quickly, you can see the Alpha hero guide in Mobile legends above and practice more by yourselves.