Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Building with Great Items

Are you looking for Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends? And, do you like using this kind of hero? If it is so, just follows this information well! You have to know that the Sun is a type of fighter in mobile legends. Besides, he is also a very well rounded in this game. Then, to build Sun 2019, you need to play him as a tank from his well-rounded.

3 Item Builds of Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

There are three item builds of this hero. Here are available for you.

1. Rugged Beast

The first item build of Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends is called Rugged Beast. This item build has a goal that is to enhance the strength of the Sun and his clones. Besides, it can also help you to show the combined strength impressively. Then, this kind of build starts to increase the attack power and speed of the Sun. It happens with the help of the Swift Boots, the Corrosion Scythe, and the Demon Hunter Sword. Besides, this build also shines with the successful acquirement of Dominance Ice and Athena’s Shield.

It is shown by providing Sun a huge boost in physical defense and a reduction of decent critical damage by Dominance Ice. Besides, it also provides a unique passive that slows down the enemies. Then, how about Athena’s Shield? It provides Sun magical defense, a great shield that helps to stake his attack pressure, and a lot of HP.

2. Insatiable Ape

For this item build, what can it do? Well, it can change Sun into a bloodthirsty beast that is used to incapacitate the enemies and even swallow them. Then, the anchor set of this build is effective to stake the attacks and recover the needed HP at the same time. Besides, you have to know that the Swift Boots, Endless Battle, Demon Hunter Sword, and Bloodlust Axe resonate with one another. It is used to increase the attack power and speed of Sun so he can recover HP fast.

Furthermore, the Corrosion Scythe and Thunder Belt can help you to deal with the bonus damage and avoid the enemies from creating the escape. Also, both items can increase speed, offense, and durability.

3. Feral Monkey

What about this last item build of Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends? It is appropriate for you who want to go all out the destructive with no care in the world. Well, this item build is well known as the double-edged item set of Sun. Even though it is powerful, but it gives highly susceptible to the Sun.

Exactly, it is used to burst damage and death. Moreover, this build is very good to overwhelm any heroes form the enemy that has high and incredible attack power. Therefore, it is classified into a no brainer to craft items. It is well known able to improve the attack power, skill damage, physical penetration, and critical power.

Well, those are three item builds of Sun Hero Guide in Mobile Legends that should be known for the lovers of this game. Just follow them perfectly to get a better understanding!