Leomord Hero Guide in Mobile Legends to Be the Best Fighter

Leomord Hero Guide

A fighter has a crucial role on the battlefield. Most teams will use this hero to protect the marksman and mage that can give big damage. So, if you need the best fighter, Leomord can be the right choice for your team. In this case, you should get the Leomord hero guide in Mobile Legends to improve your gameplay. The first thing you should know if you want to use this hero is recognizing his skills. So, let’s check the beginning of Leomord Mobile Legends guide below carefully.

7 Skills of Leomord Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

As mobile legends players, you should know that Leomord is a fighter hero who has unique skills. In relation to the skills of Leomord hero guide in Mobile Legends, there are seven skills that you can use. What are they? Here they are.

1. The Oath Keeper

The first skill that you can use is called the Oath Keeper. It is classified into passive skill. In this skill, the basic attack will produce a very large burst of damage. It will happen if it around the enemy. Besides, Leonard also has an HP below 30%.

2. Momentum

In the Mobile Legends Leomord, there is also the Momentum skill. How about this one? Actually, in this skill, Leomord gets a shield immediately. It absorbs 150 (+150% Total Physical ATK) damage and can charge his attack. Then, he deals 360 (+140% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage. Besides, it also slows the enemy units by 60% within the area.

3. Phantom Stomp

The next skill is usually called Phantom Stomp. What do you know about it? Yea, this skill shows that Barbiel jumps forward and produces 375 (+100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the area before him. Then, this kind of skill in mobile legends also gives a slow effect of 60%.

4. Assault Decimation

The fourth skill is named assault decimation. In this skill, Leomord charges towards a designated direction quickly. Then, it deals 300 (+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies near his path and destination. In addition, it slows the enemy units by 40%.

5. Phantom Charge

The Phantom Charge is included in the fifth skill in playing mobile legends. What is your opinion about it? You need to know that in this skill, the Barbiel will crash in the specified direction. Moreover, it also produces a knockback effect on opponents on the track. On the other hand, this kind of skill produces 300 (+50% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

6. Phantom Steed-Barbiel

The phantom steed-barbiel is the sixth skill that you can use to build Leomord. You need to know that Leomord calls for Barbiel to rush into the battlefield. Also, it is in order to knock back all enemies in its way. Then, Barbiel deals 350 (+100% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemy units in his path. And, it slows the enemy units by 50%. For additional information, if Barbiel comes in contact with Leomord, they will enter a mounted state. In this state, Leomord gets a whole new set of skills. He can use basic attacks within a circular area, even while moving. So, Leomord increases his movement speed by 60 points and Physical/Magic.

7. Phantom Steed+Barbiel

Finally, it comes to the last skill named Phantom Steed+Barbiel. You have to know that if Leomord is hit by a barbiel, he will ride it for 15 seconds. And don’t forget to change skill 1 and skill 2. Additionally, the basic attack of Leomord will affect all opponents around him. It can be done while moving. Furthermore, Leomord also gets 40 movement points and physical/magic defense additional movements.

Tips to Play Leomord on the Battlefield

Leomord Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

While playing, there are a few important things to do. What are they? Here are the answers.

  1. Help the carry hero to get the buff
  2. Protect the heroes that can deal big damage with a little blood like marksman or mage
  3. Lock the most valuable hero from the opponent and try to kill them

Well, those are the seven skills of Leomord hero guide in Mobile Legends you can use when playing the mobile legends game. Don’t forget to also consider the tips of playing this hero to improve your gameplay. Have a nice try!