Argus Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Use the Most Frightening Fighter

Hello ML lovers! Do you need a strong fighter that can frighten the enemy? If so, Argus is the best choice for you. To use this hero is not so difficult if you know the right tips. In this matter, follow this Argus hero guide in Mobile Legends to know more the characteristic of him. Besides, by following this guide, you can also get the best build Argus 2019 to support this hero’s ability. So, don’t miss it, guys.

The Skills of Argus Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To play with him appropriately, first, you have to know his skills well. So, let’s see them one by one.

1. Passive Skill – Warmonger

His passive skill is incredible for the fighter

. When he takes or deals damage, his blade will be empowered. When his hit points are very low, his blade will charge faster. Then, when it is fully charged, his next basic attack will hit twice to the enemy.

2. 1st Skill – Demonic Grip

This skill lets Argus blink to the designed direction. When demonic hand hit an enemy while he blinks, it will deal with damages. After it hits the enemy, this skill can be used again to make an extra slash to any enemy he catches.

3. 2nd Skill – Meteoric Sword

This skill lets him strike an enemy with his demonic blade and deal damage area to the enemies near him. When it happens, this skill increases Argus’s speed and slows down the enemy.

4. 3rd/ Ultimate Skill – Eternal Evil

With this skill, he will transform into a fallen angel. When it happens, this hero cannot be killed for 5 seconds. Besides, he will clear all of his debuffs in the duration of this skill. So, based on the Argus hero guide in Mobile Legends, this is the moment to win a war when Argus casts his ultimate skill.

Best Item Build for Argus

To optimize his ability, he needs the right items that you can purchase during a battlefield. Here they are.

1. Scarlet Phantom

This item will increase his attack speed and help to maximize his passive skill.

2. Swift Boots

A boot is an item that must be purchased for all heroes. For Argus, Swift Boots are the right item for him. This item will increase his movement and attack speed.

3. Haas’s Claws

This item is important for Argus since it will give a big life steal to him. While fighting against enemy heroes, his hit point will be regenerate by degrees when he has had this item.

4. Windtalker

With this item, Argus attack speed will go up. Besides, his damage will also raise significantly after having this item.

5. Berserker’s Fury

This item lets this hero deal with critical damage to the enemy. In the late game, it is useful to kill every hero with low blood like marksman or mage.

6. Blade of Despair

This is the last core item of Argus. It is an item that can add a bigger physical attack to the hero that owns it. So, the attack speed of this hero will deal incredibly high damage to the enemies with this item.

Well, that is all about the Argus hero guide in Mobile Legends to share with you. Learn it well and practice more to increase your gameplay.