How to Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile – Play COD Mobile Smoothly

Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile

Are you a user of Call of Duty Mobile? If so, you might have experienced lag while playing this game. When it happens, you must feel uncomfortable during the game. In this matter, you should try to fix lag in Call of Duty Mobile. However, how to fix lag COD mobile is not as easy as what you imagine. It needs a few ways to make it happen successfully. To get those ways, you can follow the explanation below.

How to Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile

When you want to fix lag in this game, just do the following ways. Let’s check them out.

1. Enable 4x MSAA

When you do this way, you can reduce lags while playing this game. To do it is so simple. You can just go to the Settings menu of your device. Then, choose the “About Phone” option. When you have found it, click the “Kernel Version” in about 10 times.

After you do it, you can see the developer mode on your Android phone. If it does not happen, you can search this feature in the device’s Settings. Tap on the “Enable Developer Option” after you find it. After that, you can swipe down to find the “Force 4x MSAA” option. When you see it, just enable it and start to restart your device.

2. Install GamerBox

How to stop lag in Call of Duty Mobile is installing GamerBox. This app can be an optimizer application for game performance. If you want to try using this app, you can download and install it. In this app, you can change the graphic resolution. You can change to the lower resolution to avoid lags. When the Graphic resolution is on the 720p HD or 1080 FHD, you can change it to 480p. With this graphic resolution, the game will run smoother.

3. In-game Settings

To reduce lag in Call of Duty Mobile and increase the in-game performance, you can go to the in-game Settings. When you have entered the in-game Settings, make sure you set it up like the following explanation.

  • The graphic quality is low.
  • The frame rate is high.
  • The in-game graphic mode is Standard.
  • Disable the depth of the field is.

4. Install game booster

The fourth way you can do to fix lag in Call of Duty Mobile is installing a game booster. In the Playstore, there are some game boosters you can download to increase the COD performance. So, just download one of them that has the best ratings. After you successfully install this app, just open it. When this app is running, it can automatically detect all games that are installed on your device. In this matter, just choose COD from this app and run it from your game booster.

5. Uninstall unnecessary Apps

Uninstalling unnecessary apps can help you fix lag in Call of Duty Mobile. The apps on your phone will consume RAM. When you delete some of them, it will reduce the RAM usage. In this condition, your game will run smoother with more internal space.

One thing you should remember before running this game is to make sure that your phone has at least 2GB of RAM. When your phone cannot fulfill this requirement, there will be a high possibility to find lags whenever you play this game. Are you still confused about removing some unnecessary apps? If so, just follow the instruction below.

  • Open the Settings menu of your phone
  • Choose the “Application Management” option
  • Uninstall apps you want’
  • Reboot your device

6. Clear Cache

After you run some apps on your device, there will come some caches that will consume some spaces in your device’s memory. If you do not clear this matter, the cache will be more and more by degrees. When it happens, it may reduce the performance of your phone to run COD. So, it will be better for you to clear all cache on your device before start playing Call of Duty Mobile.

7. Disable other running apps

The last way on how to stop lag in Call of Duty Mobile is disabling some apps that are running in your device’s background. When there are so many apps running in the background and you do not close them, it will increase the RAM usage.

Besides, it will also increase the usage of your battery. So, make sure you close the running apps after you use them. If you do not know how to remove some unnecessary apps, you can follow the instruction below.

  • Go to the Account Settings on your device
  • Find and choose the “App management” option
  • Tap on the apps installed on your device
  • Choose on the “Battery Usage” option
  • Select the “Disable Background Running
  • Restart your phone and run the game when the restarting process finishes

Well, that is all about the fix lag in Call of Duty Mobile you can follow. Do one of them and see the result. When it is still unsatisfied, you can try other ways.