Lapu-Lapu Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – A Fast Way to Win the Game

Lapu-Lapu Hero Guide

All people, both teenagers, and adults play Mobile Legends. It is a famous game where you will compete with the other heroes to win the game. As a beginner, you need to know all kinds of hero first. Lapu-Lapu is one of the best heroes for you who are a newbie. If you want to play Lapu-Lapu as your hero, it is a must for you to learn Lapu-Lapu hero guide in mobile legends here. Well, on this website, you may find the information about Lapu-Lapu hero guide in mobile legends background. Let’s check it out in this following detail!

Understand Lapu-Lapu Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The Lapu-Lapu hero guide in mobile legends here will include Lapu-Lapu’s item build, skill build, and battle spells and emblems’ set. Of course, we will inform you Lapu-Lapu hero guide in mobile legends update. Let’s take a look about it below!

1. Lapu-Lapu’s skill builds

Well, yes, Lapu-Lapu is not as famous as the other heroes, but he is strong and tacky. His skill’s build is divided into three parts including the early game, mid-game, and end game. In the early game, let you be aggressive. You may pick up some skills, do clear jungle, or lane fast. Get yourself level up to 4 levels to unlock your items and start attacking your opponent. Playing the mid-game, it is recommended to start with Brave Stance to attack, Justice Blade to get closer to the enemy, and Chieftain’s Rage to kill them. In the end game, you need to use all your items, try to kill the backline first.

2. Item Builds

Lapu-Lapu hero guide in mobile legends item may look cool since this hero has been categorized as the best build 2018. He has four core items. They are gear ‘warrior boots’, gear ‘bloodlust axe’, gear ‘endless battle’, and gear ‘wings of the Apocalypse queen’. Use your warrior boots to get +22 armors and 40+ movements SPD. To get great cooldown reduction and physical attack, you could use your bloodlust axe. To add more HP, life steal, magic, or even physical attack, you can use your endless battle. For wings of the Apocalypse queen, it includes mostly great physical attack and house power to use in a battle.

3. The battle spells and emblem set

To use Lapu-Lapu, you must know his battle spells and emblem set as well. They are retribution, unbending will, and steady like a rock. If you are a newbie, you could use your unbending will while steady like a rock is for the professional ones. To get your opponents unmoved or frozen, use petrify. It will be easy to attack them in this situation. If your HP is low, you need to use the retribution. However, you have to wait for 30 seconds for its cooldown.

Lapu-Lapu’s Pros and Cons

Lapu-Lapu Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Once you read Lapu-Lapu hero guide in Mobile legends, you must also read information about the pros and cons of using this hero!

1. Pros. Lapu-Lapu is a tank hero. Therefore, he could attack other tanky heroes easily simply because he is strong. He also has a low cooldown, extremely mobile, and good clear speed. To attack your enemy, this hero may directly move in speed. Moreover, he is a good jungler and roamer, makes you easily get items and power.

2. Cons. Lapu-Lapu has also some minus sides. First, he is vulnerable.well, it only happens when his skills are cooldown though. Playing Lapu-Lapu is a bit complicated and confusing. Therefore, be ready and well informed before you choose this hero!

Except for Lapu-Lapu, there are many other suitable heroes for a beginner who just got the chance to play ML game.