Mobile Legends Stuck in Loading Screen in 4 Fun Methods

Does your smartphone still often lag or froze when playing Mobile Legends? Usually, the smartphone turns hot and you cannot play and leave the game. Mobile Legends stuck in loading screen will overcome in some ways. Anyway, this page notes three solutions for this problem and it is not a small amount. You should feel happy getting a lot of solutions for your Mobile Legends stuck at the game loading screen. In this recent time, you do not allow losing your favorite game. It is suitable for staying at home.

Mobile Legends Stuck in Loading Screen Simple for PC and Smartphone

In reality, the issue of loading stuck does not only happen on the smartphone but also on PC. The simple cause of the problem is the connection of the internet. You have a bad signal network, weather, quality, and so on. How to overcome Mobile Legends stuck at the game loading screen because of the connection is simple. You can try to make sure about PC or smartphone

connects to a stable WIFI connection. Usually, this way is for players who do not use 3G or 4G connections.

How does the cause of the screen stick not from the connection? It comes from the server (games) or the device, for example. These are 2 steps to try:

  • Verify the game whether in the last version or not. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to check for updates as a piece of cake.
  • Alongside that, you can clear your device’s cache but do not open plenty of apps. Opening many apps at glance causes freezing, lagging, and the loading issue.

How to solve Mobile Legends stuck in the loading screen because of frozen issue. By the way, this issue gives the same result on the screen display. Suddenly, you cannot play your lovely Mobile Legends the same as the prior causes. To overcome the frozen issue and make the loading screen stuck, you can undertake the following steps:

  1. Be willing to quite from Mobile Legends game for log in anymore.

2. Go on the game cache app to clear it up. Undertake it through the System Settings for clicking on the “Apps”. In the meantime, you will meet with the icon of “Mobile Legends”. So, you can tap the icon of “Clear Cache” directly.

3. It turns out a possibility may happen where this way does not fix the problem. Do not give up when finding this matter because you can use “Contact Us” to link the customer service. The customer service can suggest another method and showing the real cause. There is still one more way to conduct by sending an email to the part of the support team.

Mobile Legends stuck at the Game Loading Screen that connect to Facebook

Some online game servers collaborate with Facebook as the login access. So, you do not only register your email address but also your Facebook account. If you choose to log in via Facebook the result of the playing process will share with this social media. However, you may choose to not share it if you dislike this way. Turn back to the topic you have a different way to solve your problem if you utilize Facebook for login. At least, 6 steps appear as the way for overcoming your Mobile Legends stuck in the loading screen. They are:

  1. In the first step, you have to be willing to delete your Mobile Legends and Facebook Apps.
  2. Go to your ‘Access Setting” and find out “Account” to click it.
  3. The third way asks for opening your Facebook and then delete all about the Mobile Legends that you have shared.
  4. Re-download as well as reinstall both apps anymore (Facebook and Mobile Legends). Undertake it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  5. Reconnect your Facebook social media to your game account.
  6. Afterward, open your Mobile Legends game to check the development of the issue.

Exactly, there are 4 methods to choose when your Mobile Legends stuck in the loading screen. Use one of them based on the cause of your problem. Feel free to explore those methods until you get the solution or finally calling the support team. If you have a solution that people do not know it yet this page extremely welcome receiving it. Quite write in the comment and this page will more than say thank you. You will see it in the next post as a new update on this issue.