The Best Team Compositions in Mobile Legends – Building a Great Squad

Best Team Compositions

Hello, the lover of the mobile legends game! Do you need the best team compositions in Mobile Legends? If it is so, this following information will be useful for you. Well, you have to know that there are some matters to consider when putting the hero on your team. The first one is the roles and positions on the team. Then, the powerful heroes should fill the exact role. Thus, please get the Mobile Legends tier list to have a strong hero.

The Content of Best Team Compositions in Mobile Legends

To have the best team compositions in Mobile Legends, it is important for you to fill the team using some content. What are they? Just follow these six contents below!

1. A marksman

Greatly, he is the most important hero in a team. Besides, he is also included in the best hero combination in Mobile Legends. Since he has high sustain damage, you can use it to take down and even kill the enemy in the team fights. Then, he must stay alive, keep farming, and also deal with the damage tonnes. Please remember that you should have not more than two Marksman. If you only have a strong frontline that is tank and fighter, having two Marksman may be good for your team.

2. Crowd control

Having a crowd control is one of the main things in putting compositions in your team. Thus, getting heroes in the Mobile Legends team combo such as Nana, Chou, and Ruby, it will help you to keep the enemies. It is like that even though your team finishes up the enemy team.

3. A strong frontline

If you have the team compositions with more than one tank, what will happen? Yea, they will powerful enough and the enemy will be not easy to take them down. Commonly, the tanks have strong crowd control which can trade one death for three kills. Besides, they also take up the damage from the enemy and even protect the fellow allies.

4. Heroes

In this case, it should be good heroes in the early game. You are allowed to use Nana, Alice, or Kagura. Then, in this Mobile Legends best squad, you will find one person for the top lane and a mage for the mid lane. For the bot lane, you will see the marksman and support and a jungler for the jungle.

5. A mage

As you know that a mage is very important and useful in the current Meta. It is available more Physical heroes than Magical heroes. So, if you have a mage in your team, it will help you to destruct the gear build of the enemy. Furthermore, a mage is a choice for you even though it is useful. Nicely, it is the best optional to go mid lane alone in the early game.

6. The synergy of a good hero

In the Mobile Legends best team setup, some heroes work well together. Even, they may give the benefit to the team. For example, is like the combination of Alpha and Ruby. They get the result a lot of burst crowd control and the burst damage from Alpha. The second one is Minotaur and Rafaela. They can make the tanky Minotaur and have two heroes that may heal. Then, the third example is the composition of Miya and Minotaur. What can they do? Yea, they could take a lot of damage while dealing with it.

3 Kinds of General Team Composition

In the Mobile Legends best team setup 2019, there are three kinds of the general team composition. Can you mention them? If you cannot, let’s check them out one by one!

1. Standard team composition (general)

The first kind is called standard team composition for general. In this kind, there are 1x marksman, 1x mage, 1x tank, 1x fighter, and 1x support or assassin. For the gameplay, they have to be one tank because a team needs protection. If you have more tanks, it will decrease the team damage output. Besides, it will be good for the team to have minimally one support. It is like that to open the offensive chance for the team.

2. Standard team composition for grandmaster and above

In this composition, you will find 1x marksman, 1x tank, 1x fighter, 1x mage, and 1x fighter/mage/assassin/support. It depends on the composition of the opponent’s team. How about the gameplay? The first thing that you have to do is having one tank and marksman for a team. It is to have a balanced team composition. Then, you should select your role well. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because to figure out the different heroes’ profiles and roles. Therefore, you can benefit your team and even improve the percentage of your winning.

3. Standard team composition for master and below

Here, it will be available 1x marksman, 1x mage, 2x fighter, and 1x assassin. In this case, the team composition does not have supports and tanks. The reason is that heroes can get kills. Then, the line up only concentrates on beating the team composition of flawed. It is like that to optimize the damage output of the team with mage, assassin, marksman, and fighter.

Well, those are the main information about the best team compositions in Mobile Legends. Besides, there are also the contents of it that you can use to win the game. So, have a nice try!